‘How to Grow A Visionary’ – A Helpful & Insightful Book for Parents of Highly Sensitive Children

Hi everyone. This is the updated version of my new book ‘How to Grow A Visionary’.

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You may find it helpful if your child has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, SPD, depression, anxiety or fatigue or if they are just Highly Sensitive. It is a soulful yet down-to-earth look at high sensitivity.


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The Prayer of The Highly Sensitive Child – Dear Mr God.

Dear Mr God:  About My Heart

heartMy heart feels a bit empty sometimes. I can feel disappointed with myself. Life feels difficult and I seem to make other people’s lives difficult too. I am worried sometimes that I am not good enough and although I try my best I am scared that what I do – things like writing and drawing – may not be good enough. I compare myself to other people a lot and often think that they are better than me. Please help me realise that I am good enough. Help me to receive praise and to let it into my heart. I think  that love is enough and that you just love me for who I am. I really like to give too. Giving makes me feel really good in my heart. Please give me ideas about how I can open up my big heart and give the love that is inside of me to my family, community and the wider world. 

Dear Mr God: About My Arms and Hands 

armsSometimes when I don’t have enough cuddles or spend enough time with special people my arms feel empty. Please teach me about intimacy and how closeness is so important. As I get older  I may not want so many cuddles but I know I will still like touch. Please help my Mum/Dad to remember to play wrestling with me and give me high fives. Hold me when I am sad and I don’t have anyone else to cuddle me. I want to be able to sleep by myself but please help Mum/Dad to understand that sometimes I need to feel  close to them to be able to relax enough to sleep. Show them how much I need to feel my connection with them as I feel my connection with you. 

Please help me to be ‘hands on’ with things. I know I am a bit cautious and sometimes hold back from playing with sand or paint or water but really I know that I need it and that it is one important way that I connect with the world. I don’t like touching all things but some things feel so good to me – the smooth bark on a tree, Mum’s furry coat, making dough, laying down in a grassy field. Help me work out what I like and what I don’t like and then me and Mum/Dad can really enjoy the things I like together. 

Dear Mr God: About My Shoulders

upper-backMy shoulders feel a bit tight sometimes especially when I have been told off. Please help Mum/Dad to be gentle with me even when I have done something to displease them. When I get upset I feel so bad in my body and don’t feel I can breathe properly. It would help if they could use a gentle voice and not look scary even when they are not pleased with something I have done. Please teach me that I need a lot of support and help and that this is okay. 

Dear Mr God: About My Throat

throatSometimes my voice feels blocked. I know I have a big voice but I can’t seem to find it. I don’t like listening to other people that much. It just feels too much and that I can’t hear myself think and I can’t hear my own voice. I like it when I am the teacher and when I am the leader. Then I suddenly feel better and my voice gets bigger and I feel happier. I know I am a child so I can’t always teach and lead but if I can do it sometimes it helps. Please help Mum/Dad to have ideas for how I can teach and lead sometimes.

Please help me see that it is okay to ask for what I need. When we are out please help my Mum/Dad to be my advocate and tell other people that I am sensitive and sometimes need special things or to be treated in a particular way.. Please also teach me to speak up for myself so I can become an advocate for other highly sensitive people.

Dear Mr God: About My Head and Neck 

headI don’t know yet really who I am like other children don’t know but sometimes I think I see clues about who I am. Please help Mum/Dad to listen when I try to tell them  who I think I am and please help me find who I am and then equip me to be fully myself. 


Dear Mr God: About My Feet

feetMy feet feel stuck sometimes and like they don’t know what to do. They have no life in them. And then at other times I feel like I am not really on the ground – like my feet aren’t really contacting the ground at all. I want to feel like I am here on the earth and that I am safe. Please help Mum/Dad teach me about love because surely that is the biggest thing that we can experience. Help them teach me that my feet are rooted in love and about joy and peace too because these are my heart song. I live to feel love and joy and peace and so want other people to experience that too. I like mindfulness, and meditating is okay but really I want to know that I am always okay to be in the world. When I am meditating sometimes I feel I am in a blank space and I don’t like that. And then when I finish meditating I have to come back to the world which is funny as well – a shock somehow – like landing on earth with a bump. Really I would like to feel that I am okay all the time – safe all the time. Please help Mum/Dad show me that your love is enough to keep me safe. 

Dear Mr God: About my Upper Legs 

legsI sometimes don’t feel like I belong. I just feel too different. Please help me find my place. Show me that people are everywhere. They are in my family and then they come to the door with packages and we see them at the supermarket. There are people in the parks and in my group activities. Show me that people are all ages and all different and that it is good to just be part of the community. Help me find my confidence to talk to people, to say ‘Hi’ to the window cleaner or to ask the children at the park if I can play football with them. Please keep showing me that I will find my place if I just keep being part of community.

Dear Mr God: About My Lower Legs

I sometimes feel stuck in my life like other people are moving forward and I am not. Please help me see that moving forward isn’t about achievement and acquiring lots of things but that is about being open to the journey of my life. Help me see that we never really stand still and that just by getting up and getting involved in life I am moving forwards and growing up. 

Dear Mr God: About My Lower Back 

lower-backI sometimes feel a bit weak in what I believe. I am not sure about saying what I think and having an opinion. Being highly sensitive, life feels difficult and I feel things differently to other people. This means I probably think differently and I am scared sometimes to say what I think I know. Please help me to be strong in myself. Teach me that we are all unique and it is okay to be my own person with my own thoughts, beliefs and opinions. 

Dear Mr God: About My Middle Back 

middle-backI don’t feel as strong as some other children. I seem to be more easily upset, bothered and frightened of things. Please teach me about vulnerability. I think vulnerability can be my strength. Although other people look tough I think it can be a mask and that really everyone has needs and feels weak sometimes. Please tell me that I have a very special gift because I have the desire to be authentic and fully myself.


Dear Mr God: About My Lower Abdomen  

lower-abdomenSometimes I just don’t know what to do to make myself feel okay. Please help me be creative. I don’t know how to do this because if I try to make something from a book or write someone else’s story or play someone else’s music I don’t feel too good. Please show my Mum/Dad that my creativity needs to come from deep within myself. Help them teach me how to look for inspiration in my life and the world around me on a daily basis. Help them show me the importance of my story.

Help me to try working with lots of different materials when I am being creative.  I really like the computer because it responds to me – a bit like another person really. Also the computer doesn’t mind me making mistakes. It just deletes them for me. I really need help to write my letters and draw something and use paint because I am frightened I don’t know the exact way to use these things and that I will make a mistake. Please show me that using my hands to make things and touching materials is a special experience that I need to feel good even though the materials may not be as responsive as a computer.

Dear Mr God: About My Upper Abdomen

upper-abdomenI sometimes don’t feel very powerful, when I feel unsure about myself and the situations I am in. Please help Mum/Dad show me that power isn’t about strength or control but it is really just about being myself. Please help me recognise the times when I am really being myself like when I am climbing trees with my friend or building a rocket on my special computer programme or helping Mum to make tea. 


stomachDear Mr God: About My Stomach:  

Sometimes I feel a bit empty as if I am continuously hungry for something. Please teach be about being content with what I have but always leaving a little bit of room for more. Help Mum/Dad teach me that the most important things are relationship, love, being creative and being true to myself because that is what I think you are showing me.

Highly Sensitive Child & Budding Visionary – My New Book

Who are our highly sensitive children? Might they be visionaries? This is the question I ask myself every morning. Why does my son fall to the floor with fatigue and a low mood if we can’t find the ‘right’ thing to do? Why is my son so sound sensitive that I sometimes don’t dare speak but when he is having fun and in his ‘zone’ he hardly seems to be aware of external stimulus at all? Why does my son notice every single pigeon that enters our garden and stand entranced by their beauty and their softness but screams if a fly buzzes in his ear? Why does he come alive when he is telling his story in music, movement, words and art but can’t bear the thought of doing anything by the book, speaking other people’s words or competing with others?

For the last 2 years I have been digging deep into these questions having already dug deep to work with myself over the previous 16 years. I have finally birthed my ideas in a book ‘Highly Sensitive Child & Budding Visionary’ I really want to share this with you and hope that it answers some of the questions, conundrums and contradictions in your life too.

Free from Amazon for 2 days ~~ 24th and 25th Aug. ~~ If you you find my book helpful please be kind enough to write a review. Thanks 🙂


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a day at ferne animal santury with friends

A story by Luca Williams (nearly 9)

a few weeks ago  i went  to ferne animal santury with some new friends we have only met them 2 times one at sutton bingom there’s good turf there and we had 2 bike, 1 scooter and 1 go-cart but that’s a completely different story. there is ella, grace and ashley.  ashley is very energetic he runs. wen we wen’t to see the pigs ashley closed the gate and held it shut he thought we were going in with the pigs but we stayed on the path. then we saw the play ar497730-pigea i were scared of the climbing rope first but then i started climbing it on the first go i hit my knee on the climbing rope i was fine i tried to climb the rope and i did then we saw a wishing well and we each withed for something what a amazing day and overcame some fears.


Sensory Processing Disorders – A Healer’s Perspective.


I woke up this morning to the sound of the alarm on my husband’s phone – a sound that I had chosen as the one I could tolerate the most. After using it for 6 months I no longer even think about my feelings about the sound. I just know it means ‘morning’ and morning is a good thing because I am happy with my life. I ran a bath from the shower head and put my few grains of vitamin c powder in to cancel out the chlorine. I use the shower head because if I use the taps I have water droplets that haven’t been cancelled out in the air for longer. Once the shower head is submerged everything is good. I heard the satisfying click of the shampoo bottle and poured out my no scent shampoo – except to me it doesn’t have no scent. It smells to me of fresh meadows every morning. When I’d bathed I reached for my towel and felt a little disappointed because my new deep pile cotton towel has very quickly become rough feeling to my skin. But it is warm and does wrap around me and dry me and so I let it off the hook! Then I dressed – in the clothes I have carefully chosen because they are soft, in colours that I love and are right for my mood and the season.as I see it. They are plain or have patterns that please my eye and my heart. I ate my breakfast – sourdough toast (because I can only digest wheat when fermented),  butter (the only dairy I can tolerate apart from sheep’s cheese) and strawberry jam (no added sugar for obvious reasons!). It really was delicious and a very  good way to start every day for me.

In only half an hour I had encountered colour, sound, smell, touch, taste and of course my feelings. I’ve already encountered several challenges but it’s ok.

Life is to be encountered and embraced.

Listen the the World. Take your child to a waterfall, to the sea, let them hear the wind in the trees, talk about the sound of the bath running and the shampoo bottle, the sound of scissors on paper, having their hair brushed, the noise of the marble on the marble run, the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan, the hum of the computer, the buzz of a bee. They may like or not like these things but it is an adventure finding out. Do this with all your child’s senses – smell the bacon and the seaweed together,  taste the strawberry and the gooseberry,  touch the rough bark on the tree and the smooth pebble, feel your frustration and your sadness as well as your success and your happiness. Share your feelings. Talk about your feelings. Dance them, paint them, rap them . . .

Think before you offer noise cancelling headphones, white noise CD’s, weighted blankets, joint compression, pushing, pulling, lifting, seam free clothing, screened workstations – Could you help your child by simply helping them to embrace LIFE?




The Highly Sensitive Child – A Healer’s Perspective.


Highly Sensitive Children are the Visionaries of today. They are born with a bigger journey to make than other people. This is why highly sensitive people struggle as children.

When I look at sensitive children I see their energy as not being as robust as other children. Their energy appears low and they can appear disconnected to themselves. I first saw this in my son when he was 5. He was with a friend who appeared so robust and grounded. My son appeared like a shadow, a waif beside him. I thought how strange that was as I felt we had raised our son to be confident and secure. I let it go but 2 years later my son started to really struggle with daily life and became unwell with chronic fatigue.

Since this time I have met other people with sensitive children and they all seem to have this same energy pattern. They appear ‘low’ in energy and disconnected to themselves. Despite being low in energy though they appear to have a certain tension. Where other children have soft floppy limbs a sensitive child will often hold their limbs differently – a little more tight, a little more defended.

So how can we help our HSC’s find their strength being their authentic selves?

If Highly Sensitive Children are the visionaries of today then they must need vision. To have vision they need to feel a sense of journey and meaning to their life. To do this they need space and our help. We need to keep exploring their journey together with them and give space and time for it to unfold. We mustn’t try to fix everything now for them. It is about the journey.

Highly Sensitive Children need to express, express and express some more! Because authenticity is everything to them everything needs to come from their heart. It’s ok to have computer time but make up a story using a programming/animation tool and let it come from your heart. Play the keyboard but not from the book. Try out the sound, find ones you like, put on a backing track and play from your heart. Dance the simple stories of your life, dance just for the fun of dancing, dance to the music you created with the keyboard. Paint your feelings about life, not what you see. Get abstract. Speak about something you’re passionate about with every fibre of your being, Shout it, rap it, sing it, video it. Children need us to lead the way in this. To help them develop their authentic selves we need to find our inner child and our authentic self..

Expression helps sensitive children find their voice. Finding their voice helps them find their power to be themselves. When we have the power to be ourselves we find we have confidence to connect with the world.

Our Highly Sensitive Children don’t know who they are yet, who they going to grow to become. We don’t know who they are either. All we can do is help them find their voice!

It’s quite simple really, EXPLORE, EXPRESS, RELATE and then of course don’t forget to REST !! This is how to grow a visionary x