Why Are Pebbles So Smooth?

Why Are Pebbles So Smooth?

A Gift for Children with Chronic Fatigue

Hi. My name is Luca and I have Chronic Fatigue. My Mum had it a while ago and got herself better. Now she is helping me to get better and this is my story. I think that having Chronic Fatigue is a bit like playing snakes and ladders. When you start the game you climb up a small ladder and slide down small snakes. As you get further on the ladders get longer but so do the snakes. But you have to keep getting back up, fill yourself with good things and climb the ladder again.One day I think those naughty snakes won’t be able to get me any more!

Mum would like to say:
“When we are not well it is easy to lose touch with ourselves and become invisible to the outside world. By feeling our feelings, learning how to keep our love tank up, embracing the world through our senses, charting our progress and enjoying our creativity we give ourselves the best opportunity to heal.”

A life-line for anyone who has a child with chronic fatigue syndrome. There is no quick fix for the condition so the the answers must be found within. Illness can inspire us to realise that the simple truths about ourselves and our lives are the most precious.