12 Body Areas Assessment

Beccy body areas 114 years ago I was sitting in the hairdressers and I realised that people were appearing to me as if they were ‘substantial or ‘insubstantial’ in certain areas of their body. This wasn’t related to their size or weight. I then went outside and saw a lady walking down the street. I felt that I could see into her heart and see her pain. This wasn’t related to her countenance or posture or anything else I could see with my ‘physical’ eyes.  This was when I first realised that I had a gift to see people’s energy. I knew that my life had changed from that point and that I could live my life being scared of what I saw or I could learn to understand it, hone it and use it wisely to help myself and others.

I decided on the latter and and for the last 14  years I’ve been working with my healing – letting go of what is blocking me from really being ‘in my body’ and ‘in the world’. Along with seeing my energy I have learnt to interpret signs, symptoms and sensations as messages telling me what is happening in each area of my body and myself as a whole. This has helped me not just to heal but also to maintain my levels of energy, health and find my place in the world.

What Can I offer You?

I see energy in layers. I see the deep connection we all have, deep or not so deep disconnection some of us have and momentary disconnection that we experience when we feel compromised in being true to ourselves.  Also I have a very strong sense of who a person really is. It is as if I can see through the layers to a person’s core. Sometimes I have a sense of what a person will need to feel a better connection with themselves but sometimes I have a sense that their journey simply has to unfold and I might not have any specific recommendations for them at this time.

  •  I work by seeing people in person or from photographs and I am happy to receive photos by e-mail. It helps me to the get the whole picture if I can see you as a whole. Please send pictures front and back wearing any colour except black or white.
  • I am able to discern more if you send me  a selection of pictures of you in different situations and with different people. It is particularly useful to have a picture of you or your child with other family members.
  • You will receive a  detailed account of what I ‘see’ including any insights I have about how your relationships and other past experiences may have contributed to your patterns.  This insight can help you gain a better understanding of any issues you have, to heal and move forwards in your life. 
  • I also offer Healing  sessions by phone or Skype to help you unfold your healing journey.

I invite you to read an example of how I have a helped someone to find some ‘missing pieces’ on their journey – An Interview with Brandi Helligso on her blog Destination Enlightenment.

If you would like help on your journey, whether you are just at the start of it or a more seasoned traveller please get in touch on:- jennie.online@gmail.com or use the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Insight (adult) – £50

Insight (child) – £25

Insight (family) I am happy to negotiate!