Your 12 Body Areas

The 12 Body Areas are based on the idea that we all have a basic set of needs and that when these are not met we struggle to maintain our happiness, health and sense of fulfilment.

An Overview of Needs

Heart:  I am happy to give and receive

Arms and Hands:  I enjoy intimacy and feel happy to give my gifts to the world

Shoulders:  I easily ask for support from others when I need it

Throat: I happily speak my truth and ask for what I need

Head and Neck:  I know who I am but am flexible in my thinking

Feet:  I am rooted in love and life

Legs (upper)  I am happy being unique and I know where I belong.

Leg (lower)  I am moving forwards in my life yet I am happy to stand still sometimes.

Lower Back:  I am strong in myself yet able to let got to follow my dreams, goals and ambitions

Middle Back:  I am happy to be vulnerable and know when to self-protect

Lower Abdomen:  I enjoy my creativity and sexuality

Upper Abdomen:  I know my power to be myself

Stomach:  I am satisfied with love and life.

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