Video Snippet – The Grounded Feeling of the Red Light

Seeing more blue light and less red light I am looking for the red light in the atmosphere to balance my spectrum. This happens more in late summer, autumn and winter than it does in the spring and mid-summer.

Video Snippet – Seeing Outside of the Visible Spectrum – Thinking Outside of the Box!

Some days the light feels very strange – like daggers coming out of the sky. On these days I also see hazes of yellow brown on things and wonder if I see ultraviolet light.

I Bought Myself a Spectrometer!

Hi, I have been making a lot of videos about how I perceive light and colour in a different way to those around me. I have often wondered if I am ‘seeing’ differently or more ‘processing’ differently so I bought myself a spectrometer!

My Discoveries & Thoughts

I AM like a human spectrometer! I constantly perceive subtle changes in the colour spectrum in the atmosphere. For instance just looking at the sky I can perceive when there is an increase in violet light or decrease in red light. I have tested my observations with my spectrometer readings and they have been correct.

(incidentally my colour sensitivity is so extreme that I can’t look at the intensity of a colour spectrum so my husband removed the colour and sent me a black and white line graph for my observation.)

HOWEVER I see light and colour differently to those around me. My brain sometimes processes the relative intensity of wave lengths incorrectly meaning that I might perceive some wave lengths as less intense than I see on my spectrometer making some colours appear drab and others too bright.

ALSO I feel the change in the light as much as I perceive it visually. I know if there is more violet light because I will feel more intuitive or suddenly have a desire to eat crunchy food. I know if there is more red light because I will feel less grounded and have a desire to eat softer foods.

SOLUTION I live by the light meaning that from when I get up the morning I have half an eye out to check what the light is doing. How I see the light affects all my choices of the day – what I wear, what I eat, what I do and how I relate to myself and other people. When I perceive more violet light I am more creative and intuitive. When I perceive more red light I am more into my home projects. When I perceive more yellow light I enjoy relationship with other people more.

My imbalanced way of seeing the light moves me and shapes me. It sharpens my intellect, helps me tune into my emotions and heightens my creativity and intuition.

Video Snippet: Stormy Days – There is a Lot of Energy Out There!

On stormy days I feel intense and often agitated. I struggle to think clearly and in the end I just have to get on with something and the more intense it is the better!

Video Snippet – My Reaction to Green can be Extreme!

My perception of the light can make some colours seem too bright on some days. Here I share my experience of going to a park on a particular June day after it had rained.

Video Snippet – The Green Light of Digestion!

Perceiving more green light affects my digestion of who I am, my life, love , praise . . . anything that I need to process and digest.

Video Snippet – Sometimes the Colours Look Wrong to My Brain!

Every day the colours change as the light changes. Sometimes colours look ‘wrong’. Sometimes they look ‘right.’ This greatly impacts how I live my daily life.