What is it Like Being a Visionary?


I sometimes feel like I never really do a day’s work but then it depends what you call a day’s work!

My day is usually made up of :-

25% – making sure I feel OK by looking after my needs and sensitivities.

15% – making sure other people around me feel OK and helping them look after their needs and sensitivities

40% – just trying to find my way

10 – 20% – soul searching and pondering

0 – 10% – actually achieving some sort of inspired creative end result


The feelings I move through on a a daily basis are





Fear and Doubt




I sometimes arrive at the end of the day feeling like a wrung out dishcloth – like I have nothing more to give, just as many people who have more regular jobs must feel.

So . . . do I  do a day’s work? By my own terms YES I DO!



Why Visionaries Don’t Have Friends – Just Meaningful Encounters


happy thoughts

We’re not good every day givers as we are always saving some of our energy for our big plan – our vision

The muse might turn up and tell us to do something, say something or go somewhere which is tricky when you have arranged a coffee with someone and are required to do chit chat!

We tend to be one tracked. We don’t have that much energy to talk about things that are not in some way related to our vision.

We’re not good at hanging out OUT as we tend to be sensitive to everything. Take us out to a shopping mall and all the sights, sounds and smells will quickly become too much. Take us out for a walk and we may find the place too lonely or not like the sound of the wind! Yes, it can be that difficult!

Intensity is our only state and we are only really happy if we feel a lot of energy in a conversation or an activity. Once we feel the energy go down we are miserable and just want out!

So all in all we’re not too good at friendship. People can be intrigued by us for a while but when all the above kicks in we don’t see them for dust!

However we are excellent at meaningful encounters.