What is it Like Being a Visionary?


I sometimes feel like I never really do a day’s work but then it depends what you call a day’s work!

My day is usually made up of :-

25% – making sure I feel OK by looking after my needs and sensitivities.

15% – making sure other people around me feel OK and helping them look after their needs and sensitivities

40% – just trying to find my way

10 – 20% – soul searching and pondering

0 – 10% – actually achieving some sort of inspired creative end result


The feelings I move through on a a daily basis are





Fear and Doubt




I sometimes arrive at the end of the day feeling like a wrung out dishcloth – like I have nothing more to give, just as many people who have more regular jobs must feel.

So . . . do I  do a day’s work? By my own terms YES I DO!



Let Your Soul Fly Free!

woodpecker in flight

Carve time and space into your day to stop and ponder.

Allow yourself to trundle into your right brain sometimes.

Listen to your inner voice and trust your gut and intuition.

See the world through your inner eyes often.

Look for inspiration for your life and your creative ideas at every twist and turn.

Ask lots of questions about your life and your place in the world.

Open your heart as wide as it will go and embrace your vulnerability!