Video Snippet – The Bright Cloud of Spontaneity and Freedom

There are many kinds of cloud and bright storm clouds make me feel so hemmed in that I just crave freedom.

Video Snippet – Being the Pusher!

In certain types of cloud I feel as if my energy is being compacted and the only answer is to be the pusher – to push through with some project or idea.

Video Snippet – When Pattern is Too Hard to Process

When the light isn’t perfectly balanced in my perception I can find pattern hard to process.

Video Snippet – The Balanced Light of Contentment!

I know the light is balanced when I feel a satisfying experience of being grounded (red light), open hearted (yellow light) and intuitive (blue and violet light).

Video Snippet – The Light is Uninspiring Today!

Sometimes I don’t perceive the middle or lower frequencies very well so I don’t feel so grounded or open hearted. I perceive blue and violet light so still have plenty of ideas but have to dig deep to find my confidence and resolve to continue my journey.

Video Snippet – How I Live Seeing Too Little Red Light

I often see colours with slightly less red in them than normal. This disturbs my brain and gives me unpleasant symptoms. Today there was more red in the atmosphere and the spectrum appeared more balanced.

Video Snippet – The Detached Feeling of the Blue Light!

When I perceive more blue light I feel very single minded but the other side of this is that I can feel detached from my own feelings and from those around me.