I Felt Inspired to Write a Book!- Download Free – ‘I Can’t Sit on That Red Chair’ by Jennie Williams


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Download your FREE copy of ‘I Can’t Sit on That Red Chair – The Relationship Between Sensory Processing Difficulties and Colour Sensitivity’

We talk about many sensitivities but is visual sense the forgotten sense? We talk about sound sensitivity even though there is nothing wrong with our ears. So maybe there could be such a thing as visual sensitivity even though there is nothing wrong with our eyes

When ADHD is diagnosed, could it really be that someone is twirling because they don’t like the colour of the carpet or someone else’s jumper?

When someone with autism says they don’t want to go out today could it be because of their perception of the light?

When a sensitive child covers their ears, might they be reacting to visual stimulus but just not think to cover their eyes?

When someone is depressed, anxious, fatigued, could this be a reaction to the colours around them, not an emotional/psychological reaction from within?

My book tells the story of mine and my son’s journey to discover our visual sensitivity. It is concise and to the point and gives you ideas as to how you might consider whether colour sensitivity is an issue for you, your child or someone you know.

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Lightwatcher Story – 23rd April 2019

Yellow, yellow, yellow!

My last lightwatcher story was in March and I was struggling to see enough yellow. Now there is loads and loads of it. It is jumping out of the leaves on the trees and the moss on our lawn.

How does it make me feel?

Overly vulnerable

Slightly sleepy

Finding it difficult to do anything.

What can I do?

Not much

Rest and drink in from the April colours

Do something if I feel really inspired

Wait until the light balances again.

Something to note

Just as much as lack of yellow can make you feel down-hearted, too much yellow can make you feel lethargic and could easily be interpreted as a depressed feeling.

It is too easy to judge our moods on our feelings about our lives and ourselves. What if some of it was environmental though? To be honest this realisation does take the pressure off. I feel more at peace and more trusting that give it a few days and I will be back to my normal chirpy self again!

March 2019 – Important Lightwatcher Story

contented cat

I understand Spring is a common season for people to suffer with depression. You look outside and think how the days are getting longer and light brighter but you just don’t feel ‘happy’.

From my experience there is a lot of undulation around how much yellow light we perceive in the early Spring. One minute the blue light is bright enough for us to perceive more yellow light and the next it isn’t.  I find sometimes the sky looks slightly turquoise in the spring because I am picking up green (next to blue in the spectrum) but not so much yellow. (one colour down from green on the spectrum). When I pick up less yellow I find my mood goes down and I don’t feel so connected to my feelings, the people around me and the world.

I can also perceive less yellow in November and/or December but because there is a lot of red around I don’t seem to feel so detached. Red is a grounding light.

What to Do.

Find things that help you feel more connected. I find it is a good time to sort out the family videos and look back on happy memories.

Stay with positive feelings and input if you can. It is not good time to watch a really sad drama on TV!

Know that the feelings of detachment will pass and you will feel your lovely feelings of attachment again.