How I Work as a Healing Intuitive

When I look at children and adults I don’t just see their physical body, clothing etc. I see people’s energy patterns – where a person is low in energy (revealing disconnection at a deep level) and where a person has stuck energy (revealing a person’s conflict with an aspect of themselves). I also see where a person’s energy is healthy and vibrant. By understanding the reason for disconnecting, we are able to start making connection again by healing and making the right choices for ourselves. By understanding the reason for conflict we are able to resolve the battle within ourselves and start to live a more calm and harmonious life.

I see the relationship that a person has with their: –

  • Intuition
  • Purpose
  • Analytical / Logical Thought
  • Voice
  • Feelings of emotional connection
  • Power / Big feelings
  • Nurturing and being Nurtured
  • Vulnerability
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Sense of Being Grounded
  • Sense of Being Rooted

What Happens in a Session?

You Sense

I help you tune into your inner wisdom and intuition. Lying down or sitting, I take you on a journey through the different areas of your body, asking you how it feels to be a particular part of your body. You may sense that an area feels strong, weak, stuck, empty, tingly, hot, cold or just feel a symptom that you are already familiar with.

I sense

Having asked you to sense your own energy, I will then tell you what I ‘see’ in each area. I ‘see’ where people’s energy is vibrant and also discern imbalances (stuck and low energy). Sometimes I use touch as extra confirmation of what I ‘see’. Sometimes I ‘hear’ and sometimes I ‘feel’ information.

We record

Together we will then fill in a person outline chart (on screen) which will give you the information you need to understand yourself and your needs better.

We unfold

If it becomes clear that you need healing, I will offer it to you. In a body centred client led session I intuitively help you unravel the story that is behind any issues we have discovered. As you connect with your story and I hear you, you will be able to let go of past unhealthy thought and emotion patterns. I then help you to learn how to adopt more healthy patterns, play around with them in your daily life and eventually make them your own.

We nourish

Alternatively or in addition, I give you suggestions to help you learn how to conserve, nourish and express your energy in the best way possible, to give you the most complete feeling of wellbeing.

Even though I encourage you to help yourself, I remain available for help and support along the way. Healing is a journey best taken one step at a time!

Children and Teenagers

I help children and teenagers understand their energy as a way to keep in touch with their feelings and needs. By energy I just mean life-force; something we all know is there really  but just can’t see! My sessions with children give practical and helpful advise so they can feel better about themselves and find where they fit in the world. I help children and teenagers with trauma if they have trauma. I help children and teenagers to find their voice if they have lost it or never found it. Or maybe you have a highly sensitive child who is struggling to live in the world. I help with that too. A parent / guardian will need to be present in all sessions. I offer a free 20 minute chat by phone, skype or zoom to see if we would be a good fit to work with each other.

What I Charge:

I charge:-

£40 per hour session 


I work from my home in Crewkerne, Somerset. It is in a peaceful location off a quiet side-road.  If you are driving, parking is secure on our drive. if you are using the bus it is approximately 500 yards from the bus stop


I use a quiet, light, airy, comfortable room (no stairs). We are able to work 3 metres apart if required. We have a pet free, smoke free home. Between sessions I wipe down all surfaces used with antibacterial wipes. Due to my sensitivities I am not able to wear a mask but you are welcome to wear one if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you have any special needs, please let me know and I will do my best to meet them.

My Light Sensitive Son – A Poem

My son was 12 and super sensitive to the light. The only thing I could do was to try to identify who he is and what he needs at different times of the year.

He would like you to know that he is now nearly 14 and this year discovered glasses to help his short sight and also dark tints to wear in the brighter light. His life has been transformed. He can engage with life and the world in a much deeper way, However his visual processing issues still mean that he finds activities challenging and tiring that others find easy and not tiring at all.

My Son

In January he comes to find me,
In February we like to write.
In March he likes to play outside
But by April he is nowhere in sight.
In May he shuts his curtains
And programmes his way through the day.
In June he hardly speaks,
Only Unity, C Sharp all day.
In July he likes late night picnics
And will go to the beach or the park.
In August he goes on badger hunts,
Wearing his torch after dark
In September the garden is spooky,
In October the leaves are too red,
In November he asks to do music
Now the rhythms make sense in his head.
In December he does animation
Because he can now think straight.
He creates the most heart warming stories;
It was definitely worth the wait!

Expression is a Joy When You Can Connect

My son and I experience the spectrum differently to most people which affects the way we connect.

From January to the end of March I am struggling to see and feel enough blue light. I find it hard to process my own thoughts and what other people are saying. My 12 year old son keeps talking to me about his programming projects but unless I really focus and try super hard to understand by asking questions, the information feels like a blur to me. It struggles to get into my brain!

Then suddenly at the end of March, it as if the fog lifts. I can see and hear more clearly. However, rather ironically, when I see enough blue, my son stops seeing it. I ‘see’ this as a strained vacant expression in his eyes. He also becomes less hands on with things and appears less connected in his feet. I know he wants to take an interest in other people but he really finds it impossible to listen to any of my ramblings or suggestions! He is better playing with his friends online where the fun, humour and creativity manage to jump the gap between his desire and ability to connect.

At first when my son starts to struggle to connect, I feel all sorts of feelings – annoyance, anger and disappointment. But when I ‘get’ it, I realise these feelings are misplaced. My son is already in pain – feeling the pain of struggling to connect. He doesn’t need me adding to that. I have to accept him as he is, be patient and wait to hear his bright voice and see his quirky smile again. This will only happen when the light is more favourable for him. And lets hope that by then, it hasn’t become less favourable for me!

It’s Harder for Some of Us to See Out and for Others to See In.

I have wondered my whole life why my face appears so unrelaxed when I catch sight of myself in a mirror. And it is more than this – it is as if I am struggling to connect through my eyes. There is just the odd occasion when I look in the mirror and think ‘Oh, there you are, so you do exist after all!’

Now I know that it all has to do with my difficulty in always perceiving enough blue light. I am not talking about violet or green or any other colour – no, specifically blue. I always have this feeling at this time of year from half way through February to the beginning of April. I discern enough violet light (I know that because my brain is so active, intuitive and creative,) but I am struggling to perceive blue light. I know this because I can feel quite alone and struggle to be a team player.

As I see my own and other people’s energy, I am able to find clues to connection and disconnection, that others may not have. When I perceive too little blue light, I literally see a band of low energy going across my eyes. I find myself trying to connect with people through eye contact but not really feeling the connection I want. I feel open-hearted, but it is amazing how cut off you can feel when you struggle to connect through your eyes.

I have to learn other ways to connect – voice, feelings, touch, smell, taste, movement – whilst I am waiting for the blue light to come back!

We Can’t Really Find Connection. We Simply Have Connection!

Passionate about healing, I have always had ‘connection’ in my sights. I have been blessed enough to have a lot of insight about connection and disconnection and felt that in time it would all come together and I would feel truly connected.

However, this wasn’t to be my destination. I had to learn that no matter how much I healed, was self aware, stayed present with myself, none of it was enough.

I am not just me or not just me in relationship to others. I am also me in relationship to my environment. And this is where I get to feel what it is not to be in control. I can’t sort this relationship with my environment through therapy or self development. No, I have to surrender to it.

As a farmer has to surrender to their relationship with the weather and a fisherman to their relationship with the ocean, I have to surrender to my relationship with the light. I have to let it shape me and change me and bring out all the power that is within me.

I can’t choose to get up and ‘be’ creative. The light will make me creative or not make me creative. I can’t get up and choose to be a home-maker. The light will make me a home maker or not a home-maker. I can’t get up and choose to be a truth speaker or a leader. The light will lead me there or not lead me there. I am not in control. I can’t choose to connect with my emotions or with my intuition or with my physical energy. And I can’t choose total connection.

Today I don’t perceive enough red or blue light. This means that I can’t be really grounded or really emotionally connected, no matter how hard I try. I do perceive a lot of ultraviolet light that is giving me the energy to write this post.

Many of us are looking for total connection. We try to find it through yoga or exercise or the latest cleansing diet or using our breath. There is nothing wrong with these things but the truth is that there is no such thing as total connection when we are looking simply inside ourselves. We can try to apply all the latest health technology and fill ourselves with the latest super foods and vitamins and minerals but we will not find our place of total connection.

Connection is found in trust. When I can’t feel all the connectedness I want, I have to trust – I have to believe that connection is there.

Connection is found in knowing. When you can’t ‘feel connection,’ that can be frightening, make you insecure, and be disorientating. Knowing is FAITH that connection simply is there. It is more real than anything we can try to create or think we have.

No . . we can’t really find connection. We simply HAVE connection!

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