Coloured Tints Can Subdue Creativity


Having visual processing issues I have an array of coloured tinted glasses, but short of buying myself an entire box of every tint available and giving myself a diagnostic every day, I am generally not going to find the perfect tint!

Today though, I rummaged through my glasses and found a pair that worked. They seemed to bring out the reds more and made me feel more calm. So I wondered what I could do wearing my special tints. I thought ‘Well, now I am feeling more calm, I could play my guitar.’ I always improvise and thought ‘Yes, I am pretty sure I have a simple tune in my head I can play.’

After about 5 minutes of wearing my tints though, I started to feel a bit subdued. I still had that tune in my head but lacked a certain umph and edge so I took them off. Immediately I felt more free, even though a little more visually challenged. I thought ‘Can I still play my guitar?’ and then to my delight I found I had in my head a whole crazy lively blues solo just waiting for me –  complete contrast to the simple ditty I had in my head wearing the tints.

So I wonder – do we need the lightwaves and is it really healthy to be blocking them out?

I think we do need the light-waves and that coloured tints can subdue creativity.

Poem – The Red Light



We need red light to help us feel grounded and connected with the world. Sometimes I perceive it strongly and other times less strongly. This all impacts how I feel and how I live.

The Red Light

Overpowered in February

Dances with the blue from March

Regains some power in May

Washed out by the brightness of June and July

From August – it dances with the blue again

November – its here to stay