Reading Test

When we read, we use whatever system works for us. Our visual system has am amazing way to adjust to all sorts of anomalies we could be experiencing with our vision.

  • So the first suggestion is to stop and think about how you read. Do you:

A Read every word and track along the line?

B Take in information from several words at once?

A person with smooth tracking (called smooth pursuits) will be happy to track every word but a person who has difficulty with focus and/or tracking may take in the information from several words at once to avoid too much eye movement. This resistance to movement strongly suggests that you may have undetected phorias that are causing you discomfort.

  • My next suggestion is to think about where your eye gaze is wanting to go.

To check out your focus, simply find a letter in the centre of a word on paper or on a computer screen, and try to focus on it. Notice what is happening to your eyes. Are both eyes comfortably settling on that letter or are they trying to take your gaze somewhere else?

Read a line now and see if your eye is resting on the line or slightly above or below the line. You may find that your eye gaze isn’t on the word at all but actually on the space between the lines. This again suggests you have undetected issues with phoria.

  • Make yourself a chart and record your data, including date and direction of gaze.
  • Then take a look at the different types of phoria on About Phorias.

Well done, You have learnt something about your vision today!

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