Protect Your Health – Find Your Voice (online sessions)

What is Find Your Voice?

Find Your voice Sessions enable adults and children to open themselves to their true expression, through movement, sound, play and exploration.

I specialise in helping Adults and Children with Autism, ADHD, SPD, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Fatigue. However, anyone can benefit from Find Your Voice Sessions.

How Can Find Your Voice Help Me?

I strongly believe that the more connected we are, the more healthy we are. Where there is vibrant energy and health, disease cannot survive. A restricted voice leads to blocked energy, resulting in low health and vibrancy. This lack of health and vibrancy causes fatigue, anxiety and/or depression and makes us more vulnerable to disease.

My approach is to help you find where your voice might be hiding or might be restricted. Some people hold back the power of their voice in their abdomen, some hold back feelings in their chest and some hold back with expression in the area of their face and jaw.

More About Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice isn’t a dance or music class. It is a chance to explore the way you want to express yourself through your body and your voice.

Using our bodies and and voices are the two most fundamental forms of expression that we have.  After being born our first cry announces our arrival and connects us with our needs. Our first instinct to move is related to our hunger and need to find solace and connection with our mother.

From here on we are constantly exploring how to express ourselves. using our bodies. and our voices. With our bodies we are discovering what feels natural to us – how to walk, how much we like to use our hands when we speak, how we like to feel held, shake hands, hug to connect with others. With our voices we are constantly exploring how to ask for our needs and how to speak out who we really are so that others will listen to us.

When we lose confidence in ourselves, we stop feeling so present in ourselves and the world. And we stop expressing who we are and we feel undeserving of having our needs met. By having help to reconnect with our bodies and our voices we find our way back to our true selves and our true expression.

How Do I Work?

I use:-

Your story with simple spoken and sung phrases about anything from your favourite colour to what you are most passionate about.

Backing tracks played straight through my speaker into my webcam enabling us to share the same supportive musical experience simultaneously.

Your favourite songs. I help you to sing a song of your chosen style with your authentic voice.

How I Work Online

I Use:

Discord (a free voice, video and text chat app.) a webcam with microphone and a speaker.

What I Need From You

To download Discord for free and subscribe (if you don’t use it already). To use a screen (as big as possible – preferably bigger than a phone) and to have a way of keeping the screen still. Once you have downloaded Discord I will send you a link to invite you to my Discord server. We then make contact in the text box and I will explain that I am going to call you and what to do next.

Being highly sensitive, I need to keep visual movement to a minimum so it is important that your screen can be still at all times.

Also being sensitive to colour and pattern I will request that you wear neutral colours (no orange, yellow or green and no pattern.)

How Will You Feel?

When we find our voice to speak out who we are and can freely express through our bodies, we feel better about ourselves and our lives. We find it easier to give ourselves what we need, to self regulate and to embrace all that is good around us. 

You may feel shy or embarrassed but these feelings are just signposts showing that you may have lost your confidence and your voice.  We will be vulnerable together and I will help you every step of the way.

What I Charge

I charge:-

£18 per half hour session