Being Acutely Highly Sensitive Sometimes Scares Me

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I woke up this morning and went straight to look out of my window. The sky was a soft blue and there just a few puffy clouds. I looked right at the blue just to make sure I could focus on that colour today. I could. I felt pleased. I sat at my computer and did a few bits and pieces. The screen didn’t disturb.

I had some intense thoughts in my head about my work with highly sensitive children and I pondered on them for a brief time. Then I looked out of the window again and found that I couldn’t focus so easily on the sky and the light had become a little disturbing. My environment hadn’t really changed in those ten minutes. I had changed. I had gone from calm and chilled to intense and alert. I had so much intensity inside myself that I had no room for the soft blue of the sky. I was already on overload. 

It is May and I know this is an intense time of the year for me but my reaction to all the intensity inside of me and outside of me scares me. Why do I feel everything so deeply – my feelings, the feelings of others, the light? Why do I struggle to find anything to do that makes me feel ok? It makes me feel very helpless, very vulnerable. It gives me a deep feeling of inadequacy but really the inadequacy shouldn’t be there.

I am just Acutely Highly Sensitive!

Definition of acutely – extremely, exceedingly, very, markedly, severely, intensely, in the extreme, deeply, profoundly, keenly, sharply, painfully, desperately, awfully, terribly, tremendously, enormously, thoroughly, heartily


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What do We Do when we feel SO Highly Sensitive?

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We need to find all the softness we can find in the world and clothe ourselves in it:-

The soft sounds and voices

The soft textures and fabrics

The soft smells

The soft tastes

The soft light

But most off all we need to open our hearts to the softness of love. When we do this, the harsher and more brash sounds, smells, tastes, textures and light bother us less. We are still aware of them because this is what makes us highly sensitive but softness is greater than harshness and it always wins the day!

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Extreme Sensitivities – What Are We Defending Ourselves Against?


There is only one answer – Deep down we don’t want people to see our power.

Sound Sensitivity  –  We are frightened of our voice.

Touch Sensitivity  –  We are frightened of involvement.

Smell Sensitivity  –  We are frightened to let in other people and world.

Taste Sensitivity  –  We don’t think we are worthy of sweetness and goodness.

Light Sensitivity  –  We are frightened of our power – of shining our light in the world.

Which sensitivities do you have?  What is your greatest fear?

Why do you hear, see, feel, smell and taste life more clearly than others? Let your sensitivities be your teacher. Let them teach you who you are and how you fit into the world and then you will no longer fear who you are.



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Highly Sensitives – Make Your Home on the Right Side of Your Brain!

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Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed with Irlens Syndrome which really is just extreme light sensitivity.  It can cause all sorts of symptoms from reading problems and headaches to a feeling of confusion and agitation. It can be caused by ambient light and light in the environment – from the glare of paper and screens.

I hadn’t thought about it until now. I just thought I had low level anxiety that I couldn’t resolve. And I also had come to the conclusion that I had some cognitive processing problems. However since becoming aware of Irlens I have been doing some tests on myself. These are my observations – On a sunny day I feel a lot more relaxed and can think a lot more clearly when the sun goes in! I am extremely tired after coming inside from being out on a sunny day and if I sit down, can fall asleep within minutes. If I sit at my computer for longer than about 20 minutes I start to fidget and stretch my hands above my head, take in some deep breaths and look away from my screen – all spontaneously. At 6 or 7-clock in the evening I start to regain my sense of equilibrium but by then I may be too fatigued to do anything constructive with my clear thinking. Well – that is how I am in the summer. In the winter when the light is less intense, so are my symptoms. 

Now I haven’t had my full diagnostic yet when they find the coloured lens I need to filter out the light wavelengths that are bothering me. I am waiting to do this in a couple of months. In the mean time how do I manage these symptoms? Well, over the last few years I have learnt that all my sensitivities bother me less when I am being more right brained (creative and intuitive.) I have been getting more and more organised with my daily life just so that I can live more in my right brain and feel better. In fact if someone tries to talk to me about politics or something that I have no emotional connect with, I get quite stressed and cross because I don’t want to go there. If I have to go into my left brain I know my sensitivities will start to bother me. 

I have tried to find more and more connection for myself by looking for the deep feeling and the meaningful. I have become determined to find my purpose. After all if a lot of time I am not able to think things through with my left brain I am having to totally rely on my intuition to lead me through life.

This experience has been very rich and even if one day, someone gives me a pair of glasses that help me feel comfortable in my left brain I’m sure I’ll never lose my sense of wonder at where my right brain can take me. It will be nice to think about what to have for lunch and when the bin man comes but this won’t fill my soul! In fact I think this journey has all been for a reason. I now work to help Highly Sensitive People to relax into the right side of their brain.

Maybe we can find things to ease the effects of our sensitivities but deep down we will always be the visionaries, the dreamers – and for that we need to be at home in the right side or our brain.

right brained 1





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Would You Like to Be More Connected?

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What Does Connection Feel Like?


Connection feels like a warm embrace. You feel able to breathe, digest, give and receive, create, speak your truth, ask for your needs and most of all – be yourself and know your place in the world.

What causes us to disconnect?

Now knowing who we are and Self Doubt.

What causes us to connect?

Knowing Ourselves and Living Our Purpose.



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Highly Sensitive Children and The Energy of The Arts


Highly Sensitive People have a need to express themselves from their hearts. However it is not as easy as it might seem. We can’t just decide we would like to play some music today or paint or dance. Even if we are inspired, it might not work for us because it all depends on how our energy feels today, the energy of the space we are in, the dynamics of the people that we are with and the energy of the season. I know . . by the time you have felt into this lot you are too tired to be expressive anyway! 

I run sessions for children who are highly sensitive and as you might imagine, they are unpredictable! On one occasion I was working with my son and his friend.  I planned to do some movement with some techno music but when I started the activity I could see that the boys were finding something ‘too much’ about it – the movement, the music, each other’s energy . . . and I quickly realised it wasn’t working.  So I offered painting instead and after a little encouragement the boys accepted this as a good alternative. They decided they wanted to paint a peacock and after a little google research for images, they were away.  The energy in the room became calm and focused and we all felt we could breathe again! 

Now I am not saying that art is always the answer. It isn’t. Sometimes the colours disturb or the sound of the brush on the paper doesn’t feel right. Sometimes you can make the art fit your energy – you can paint big and wild or small and contained – but sometimes you can’t paint at all. 


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Are You Highly Sensitive and Struggling on a Daily Basis?

Do you have a child who is Highly Sensitive, has ADD, ADHD, SPD, Autism or Aspergers? Would you like to know more about how to help them have better self esteem and get through their day feeling more happy and healthy?

In this video I talk about the importance of:
Learning Self Acceptance
Connecting With Our Senses
Keeping Strong Boundaries
Understanding Our Energy.

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Highly Sensitive People – How Do We Really See Ourselves?

Do our highly sensitive children struggle when things don’t go well because they are perfectionists, have a tendency to be hard on themselves, or are they simply struggling to process information much more than we think?

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There is no Power Like The Power You Discover When Your Let Go!

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The most powerful people are those who are forced to let go, not those who manage to hold on!


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