Irlens Syndrome – Heat, Light, Intensity, Colour!


Others may barely notice changes in temperature, intensity of atmosphere, the subtleties of light changing through the day and their feeling about every hue and shade of colour  but we do!

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Irlens Syndrome and Heat Sensitivity


warm hug

Me and heat haven’t been the best of friends and yet heat equals emotional warmth and love. Considering that where there is light there is often heat, have I been mistakenly shutting out both?

Is it time I let in the heat?

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Irlens Syndrome and Colour Sensitivity


Me and my son are highly sensitive and highly creative. We love colour but in the summer everything changes. We look at our paints and they seem to repel us. We look in our wardrobe and it seems to disturb us. We look outside and even the colours of nature might all feel wrong. When we look at colour it doesn’t go blurry or anything but it seems to repel us.  We might feel overpowered or we might feel drained. We might feel jangled or we might feel depressed. Where is the happy medium? How can we feel happy and calm yet pleasantly stimulated and energised?

Why Do I Feel Like This?

What Colour am I?

Do I Show My True Colours?


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Highly Sensitive People and Irlen Syndrome


About Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome is a specific type of perceptual problem that affects the way the brain processes visual information. It is not an optical problem.

For those with Irlen Syndrome, the brain is unable to process full spectral light. This results in:

It is exacerbated by environmental factors such as lighting, brightness, glare, high contrast, patterns and colours. Irlen Syndrome affects people of all ages.

My Irlens Test

I had my Irlens test today. I felt all the colours of the lenses as I was asked to put them up to my eyes. I felt whether they opened me out or shut me down. I felt the colours as a knot in my stomach or a flutter in my throat or a tingle in my feet sometimes. I then put up some lenses and suddenly felt happy. I said to the lady doing my diagnostic “I feel stronger  and taller and my diaphragm has suddenly opened up and I can breathe.” Everything was soft but clear. I seem to have a tracking problem and suddenly my eyes worked together so that I could see the whole image. Lines lined up and clear 3D seemed to jump out of nowhere. There was no glare. I could look at colours and patterns that used to repel me. When I walked the room didn’t move – just me. I cried because I never knew where my feeling of strength was hiding. I’ve always just had to be strong without the feeling of strength anywhere in my body. I suddenly felt grounded for the first time in my life.

If you have any of the symptoms or issues described at the top of this article you might want to check out Irlens Syndrome

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Highly Sensitive and Light Sensitivity


You have to ask yourself “What is too bright?”

Am I too bright?



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Highly Sensitives, Are We Frightened of Our Own Intensity?


I usually sleep with the curtains a little open and the glow of a pink night light in the corner of our room. Lately though, I have been feeling that this might not be right for me. The light feels too intense. I don’t like to be in total darkness so I have been hanging a sheet up at the window to cover the gap between the curtains. I have also turned off the night light. Then I lay there and think ‘Surely there is nothing to disturb me now! No-one is snoring, there is no buzz of a helicopter – nothing – just me in a pleasantly dark room.’ True – I have felt more calm but not completely calm because there is one intense thing I can’t turn off or block out and that is myself!

I am intense in my relationships

I am intense in the way I parent

I am intense about my work

I am intense in my blogging!

I AM INTENSE! Not everyone is going to like it but I don’t see why I should turn myself off – in fact I CAN’T. I can’t even turn myself down!

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What Does Connection Feel Like?


Connection feels like a warm embrace. You feel able to breathe, digest, give and receive, create, speak your truth, ask for your needs and most of all – be yourself and know your place in the world.

What causes us to disconnect?

Now knowing who we are and Self Doubt.

What causes us to connect?

Knowing Ourselves and Living Our Purpose.



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Creative Intuitives and The Energy of The Arts


Creative intuitives  have a need to express themselves from their hearts. However it is not as easy as it might seem. We can’t just decide we would like to play some music today or paint or dance. Even if we are inspired, it might not work for us because it all depends on how our energy feels today, the energy of the space we are in, the dynamics of the people that we are with and the energy of the season. I know . . by the time you have felt into this lot you are too tired to be expressive anyway! 

I run sessions for children and adults who are creative and intuitive. As you might imagine, they are unpredictable! On one occasion I was working with my son and his friend.  I planned to do some movement with some techno music but when I started the activity I could see that the boys were finding something ‘too much’ about it – the movement, the music, each other’s energy . . . and I quickly realised it wasn’t working.  So I offered painting instead and after a little encouragement the boys accepted this as a good alternative. They decided they wanted to paint a peacock and after a little google research for images, they were away.  The energy in the room became calm and focused and we all felt we could breathe again! 

Now I am not saying that art is always the answer. It isn’t. Sometimes you can make the art fit your energy – you can paint big and wild or small and contained – but sometimes you can’t paint at all. 




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There is no Power Like The Power You Discover When Your Let Go!

swing 2

The most powerful people are those who are forced to let go, not those who manage to hold on!


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Budding Visionaries and Music – They Don’t Need You to Be Musical

I come from a musical family and am musical myself. We have lots of instruments around in our home. However I go through long periods of times when I might not pick an instrument up. And when I do I don’t do anything by the book. I will likely fiddle around with my guitar and try to write a song or play my violin to a backing track that inspires me. So Luca grew up with music around him but not really immersed in it.  

When he was 4 we decided to buy Luca a violin as this is one of the instruments I play.  It is not an easy instrument to hold  let alone play! And if you don’t hold it reasonably correctly you find you can’t play it at all! This was a sticking point for Luca. He didn’t see why he should have to try so hard just to make a sound on a wooden box with some hair on a stick! So the violin went back into its box and stayed there!

All the other instruments that Luca plays on his videos (please see below,) he picks up himself with no prompting from us.  We had a ukelele on the wall, an old harmonica in a cupboard, a set of chime bars that we hardly ever played, and bought him a toy accordian one Christmas. He made his own drum set from a set of packaging boxes he found in our hall one day.  He also found his own backing tracks – music on his toy radio and on his toy laptop.  The words – well, they just come straight out of his heart – whatever he is feeling or thinking in the moment. 

You don’t need to be musical to inspire your child to play music. As long as they have a few instruments around them and listen to music they can find their way by themselves. In fact this is exactly what our sensitive intuitive children like doing. They like leading the way, finding their own inspiration and dancing to the beat of their own drum.

Below is a playlist including some of Luca’s creative musical antics. His first concert includes songs he knows but after that he lets loose.  On his journey we discover the magic and challenges of Luca’s extreme sound sensitivity.  His  journey also takes him through chronic fatigue and out the other side. I hope you find these videos inspiring. We look forward to your comments.


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