jennie profile

Hi, I live in Somerset UK with my husband and son who is 11. Relationship and creativity are everything to me. I enjoy doing different things across the seasons. At the beginning of the year I am full of ideas and love to write. As we move into Spring I like to let go a bit more and enjoy improvising music. The bright light of summer makes it harder for me to formulate ideas so I like to go out and see nature a bit. In the more red light autumn I like to be more creative with music and employ my ‘need to complete’ feeling in doing a big snowy jigsaw puzzle. In the winter I move into big expansive thinking  ready to write again at the beginning of the next year!

How Can I Help You?

I am always happy to share my passions and like to teach.  Please note that I don’t work as a therapist. I more teach the craft of healing and staying healthy, namely:-

Healing and how to Stay Well and Energised

Being Highly Sensitive and How to Thrive in the World when it Overwhelms You

How to Find Your Voice, Connect with Your Passion & Be Your Wonderful Self

Living with Light and Colour Sensitivity and How to Use it as Your Super Power

I work informally and intuitively with no set idea of how and where our journey of working together might take us.

I charge:-

£35 per hour session for adults and children.

£40 per hour sessions (adult and child together)

If you are interested  and would like me to help you and/or your child please contact me on:-

01460 78285