About Me

Hi, Welcome to my website.

Hi, I am passionate about people seeing well. To achieve this, we need both power and direction. Our experience of power in life can be affected by undetected astigmatism. Our experience of direction in life can be affected by undetected phorias. Struggling with one or both of these, we can be left feeling powerless and lost.

I remember the day I had my astigmatism diagnosed – just a tiny amount in one eye. The optician thought I wouldn’t need glasses but I asked for them. And suddenly my world had clarity.

I remember the day I started to discover my many and changing phorias. The optician said that the one I presented with that day was so minimal, it was really beyond consideration. But I didn’t listen. I took the matter into my own hands and now every day I celebrate the wonder of having power and direction!

I live in South Somerset with my husband and 14 year old son. My son and I are both highly sensitive and live with the challenge of having mild astigmatism and changing phorias. Beyond the challenge, though, there is a blessing. Our sensitivity gives us deep appreciation for the subtle things in life – what we feel through our bodies, the creative thoughts that pop into our minds and our deep feelings. Most of the time it is only when we re-direct our gaze with prism, though, that we can really enjoy the depths of our sensitivities and fulfil our potential.

I hope you enjoy my website and find the information you need. I would love to hear from you if you have a story to tell or have any questions.

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