About Me

This is Me!

Hi, Welcome to my blog. This is me on 1st February this year on a trip to the seaside to play Crazy Golf. Because of the unusual way I process the light, in February the only colours that resonate with my colour sensitive brain are pink, pinkish purple and pinkish red!

I am like a human spectrometer. I pick up subtle changes in the colour spectrum in the atmosphere. For instance just looking at the sky I pick up when there is an increase in violet or decrease in red.

My son and I have an experience that, as far as I know, is not yet recognised by health professionals. It is not an eye disease, colour blindness or Irlen Syndrome. We experience:

Sensitivity to light (photophobia).

Sensitivity to colour, which changes constantly through the day and seasons. Colour may not look ‘right’ due to the way we perceive the light-waves in the atmosphere in that moment and/or the degree of luminance of the colour we are looking at, giving us unpleasant symptoms.

Sometimes I see outside of the usually visible spectrum into the ultraviolet range. I perceive an iridescent brownish violet light, that I can hardly bear to look at, bouncing off black. Crows for instance will appear quite different to me on a day that I am seeing ultraviolet. This only happens on the brightest days of summer or when I am in snow. I also sense that ultraviolet light causes me to feel agitated, and warmer than usual.

I feel the change in the light as much as I perceive it visually. I know if there is more violet light because I will feel more intuitive or suddenly have a desire to eat crunchy food. I know if there is more red light because I will feel more grounded and have a desire to eat softer foods.

I live by the light meaning that from when I get up the morning I have half an eye out to check what the light is doing. How I see the light affects all my choices of the day – what I wear, what I eat, what I do and how I relate to myself and other people.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear from you if you are on a similar journey, have any questions or would just like to chat.