The Beauty of Vulnerability

The Beauty of Vulnerability

The Highly Sensitive Person: Being Healed & Being a Healer 

Our life experiences create patterns in our bodies. Depending on our experiences these can be positive patterns of negative patterns. How do you know what patterns you hold in your body? How do you know how these patterns are affecting you? How can you change any unhealthy patterns for healthy ones?

So how do we heal? We heal best through relationship with ourselves and other people. To do this we need to drop our guards and reveal our true authentic selves. This book helps you dare to look inside and find the real you. When we are able to be our real selves we discover the beauty of vulnerability. Instead of feeling like a weakness, vulnerability becomes our greatest strength.

‘The Beauty of Vulnerability’ helps you understand what is blocking you from being your authentic self and shows you how you can let go of those blocks.  

“I found it to be factual and truthful and helpful. I also like that you don’t claim this knowledge as your own. You present these as your insights but it’s not yours. You are sharing ways and opening paths for others to arrive at the same conclusions.” Frank 

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