Journey to Healing & Wholeness

Journey to Healing & Wholeness

A Dance Between Intimacy & Expansiveness

Chatting to God is an experience that runs through my life like a thread running through a tapestry. It’s the thread that holds all the other threads of my life in place. Although sometimes I have struggled with the experience, now it feels like home and I wouldn’t have my life any other way. In this book I share some of the insights I have received along my healing journey. I hope you find them inspirational.

“Brilliant book! In this honest account of her life and journey with God, Jennie’s natural vulnerability and openness shines through inviting the reader to share the possibility that there is something more meaningful ‘out there’ for everyone. This is a book of hope that healing is possible. Her fluid and natural relationship with God is an inspiration and a refreshing insight into what faith in God can really look like.” Beccy Jelfs.

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