I Can’t Sit on That Red Chair!


I Can’t Sit on That Red Chair!

The Relationship Between Light Sensitivity and Other Sensory Processing Difficulties


My ten year old son and I both have an usual experience of seeing the coloured light waves in the atmosphere and we both have sensory processing difficulties. The way we see light affects our perception of colour and can give us multiple nervous system symptoms. By understanding what we see we are able to minimise unpleasant symptoms and have a better relationship with light.

Colour – We are looking at it and taking it in from the moment we wake up in the morning. Do you ever wonder how it might be affecting you or those around you?

Do you ever look out of the window and think “That’s funny – the colours look so different today?”

Do you ever think “I’m not sure I like that top on me today but back in the Autumn I thought it looked quite nice!”

Do you ever think “ Hmm, I really don’t fancy that purple sprouting broccoli today. The colour seems to clash with the other food on the plate!”

If your answer is ‘yes’ to some of these questions then maybe your are colour sensitive. In this book I teach you how to embrace your relationship with colour and light, be more true to yourself than you ever dreamt you could be and discover light to be your super power!

You may find this book helpful if you:-
Are colour-blind or have an eye condition that changes your perception of the world.       
Experience photophobia (light sensitivity)
Suffer from anxiety, depression or fatigue and can’t find the reason for your condition.


Red Chair Cover

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