My Creations

happy thoughts

I have written these books and created these videos to help you to inspire your child to find their way in the world and the power to be themselves.

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2 thoughts on “My Creations”

  1. I read Patterns in Your Body. What I enjoyed most about it is that it helped me to understand some issues I am dealing with from an emotional stand point rather than just the standard physical approach. I tend to believe that many of the ailments we suffer from begin from our emotional state and manifest as physical illness or pain. However, I do not have the knowledge of how those emotional states correlate to the physical body. Patterns in Your Body is a quick read, I read it in one sitting and discovered a comprehensive summary of the 12 areas of the body and 5 systems that may be affected by emotional well-being or lack there of. I think that it is possible for self healing but only with true awareness and reading this book helped me to integrate the mind, body, spirit connection of my current ailment I am working through. Thank you Jennie!


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