Hi, Would you like to know how you are reacting to the light?

I have worked out all sorts of things about my experience of the light . . . why I often have such a buzzy brain, why I sometimes struggle to feel really connected to others, why I can manage the sound of the washing machine on spin some days and not other days, why I sometimes lose my taste, why I sometimes react to certain textures, why I love analysing things and containing things in boxes, why I love to follow my crazy intuitive thoughts as far as they will take me, why sometimes I love the rhythm of a drum and the waves of the sea and sometimes I can’t bear the feeling of them at all. I could go on and on and on. . . . because my anlaytical brain has taken me on a long journey to analyse how I process everything I see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel.

But I don’t just have an analytical brain. I also have a very intuitive one and have learnt to use my feelings in my body, my thoughts and emotions as a reference point to how the light is affecting me on any day, in any moment. I see endless correlations between how I experience the light and feelings in my body, my senses, my thoughts and emotions. This has answered a lot of questions for me because I just didn’t know why I lived with so much change. I find understanding the pattern of the light and how it impacts me is comforting and empowering. It is challenging but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

How I Can Help You?

I Can Help You: –

  1. Know whether you have ambient colour sensitivity or not.
  2. Understand your own unique pattern of experiencing the light across the day and the seasons.
  3. Find ways to improve your quality of life.


  1. Maximise your energy and motivation levels according to the light.
  2. Understand your changing moods and feeling states.
  3. Know when it is best to do physical activities and when best to contain your physical energy.
  4. Eat, dress and choose the right activities for the light.
  5. Give yourself the right space to live, breathe and work in.
  6. Know when best to go outside or stay inside.
  7. Gain a fresh understanding of any other sensitivities that you have.
  8. Find yourself the best support (emotional / practical).

How I Work

Having ambient colour sensitivity brings with it a lack of constancy. Things don’t stay the same from one day to the next – colour, pattern, sound, how you feel, how you move, how you think. They are all constantly changing. For this reason, we often can’t help ourselves using standard therapies and exercises. We need to go deeper and work with our relationship with ourselves, others and the world. We need to find our best point of connection in any moment. From a place of safety and acceptance we find we can make new connections in our brain, and experience healing.

My Approach

  • I understand that having extreme sensitivities can make you feel that it is very difficult to find help.
  • I understand that sensitive people often have a strong sense of knowing about what is right or not right for them when it comes to help.
  • I honour your sensitivities as personal and precious to you.
  • I recognise that we interpret our own experience of the subtleties of life through our senses and help you to understand and work with your patterns, rather than change them.
  • I believe healing and lasting change can happen when we find the right doorway and walk through it together.

I charge £40.00 per hour session and happy to work by phone. I also work with social distancing one-to-one in a spacious light, airy room, or weather permitting I am happy to work outside in my gazebo.

You are not alone in your unique experience of the light. Please get in touch

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