Why Medical Intuition?

We only feel truly well  when we find out who we really are and discover our own truth. Many of us are aware of the importance of a good diet, sleep, relaxation and exercise. However to complete the picture, when it comes to our health and wellbeing, we need to add the importance of being true to ourselves, enjoying satisfying relationships and finding true fulfilment in life. If any of these are missing we may not feel so good.

This often means unravelling some of the unhealthy patterns taken on during our lives. These are the values and attitudes passed on from our family or those adopted from society that don’t work for us. Exposure to these influences for a long time can cause them to become deeply rooted – we start to believe them, take them on as our own – but their conflict with who we really are can cause us to suffer dis-ease.

How Can I Help?

I see how illness or dis-ease is reflected in our energy patterns. For instance I may see a person’s energy in their abdomen as being ‘stuck.’ I will relay this information and then it may be that the person tells me that they suffer from digestion problems. I didn’t need to see ‘the digestive problem’ – just the energy pattern. The solution could be partly diet and exercise but I also help people to change their energy patterns and in this instance it could be that the person needs to learn to feel their powerful feelings (gut feelings)  more in order to feel fully well.

Can I Help You?

There is a simplicity to the way I work, as healing and health are not complicated. As humans we all have the same basic set of needs and when these are not met or can’t be met, things go wrong. I don’t see illness and dis-ease as something that happens to us from outside of ourselves. I see it as something that occurs from inside – always rooted in how we feel about ourselves and the world. In that way I don’t see any dis-ease as too big to respond to changing our energy patterns. Healing always occurs from the inside out.

What Will You Receive?

I work both in person and from photographs. In both instances you will receive a written account of how I see your energy patterns and how the patterns in each area of your body relate to each other plus any recommendations I have to help you improve the quality of your energy patterns.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Sessions are usually one-off. I see myself as a signpost pointing you in a direction to find the help and solutions you need.  You are welcome to come back at any time and discuss anything regarding your health and well-being that you would like. or you may like to have a re-assessment after working with your health/well-being for a period of time.


As I am colour and pattern sensitive I need you to wear plain neutral coloured clothing – beiges, pinks, blues, browns, greys are fine. Please, no orange, yellow or green.

As my gift is connected to my perception of light, I can’t work with black or white. Black feels too absorbant and white too reflective and both interfere with my ability to see ‘energy patterns’.


The cost of an energy assessment both in person or by photograph is £50 and can be paid via PayPal, should you wish me to work from photographs.

Please use the form below to book a session, tell me you would like to work by photographs or ask any questions that you have.  Or if you prefer, contact me on jennie.online@gmail.com or phone me on 01460 78285