The Story of Hypnotic Journey Therapy

My passion for healing started twenty years ago when I was suffered with chronic fatigue. As part of my recovery I learnt about the chakras, studied reiki and studied shiatsu for two years. Through learning about the chakras and meridians, I became intrigued by the emotional / psychological connections and how we hold issues in different areas of our body.

Inspired to create a simple, down to earth model for healing, I therefore created ‘The 12 Body Areas’ and ‘The 5 Significant Systems’. These are just what they say they are – areas and systems. By understanding our simple human needs and letting go of any reason as to why we are blocking ourselves from receiving them, we are able to keep these areas and systems healthy and working in our favour to look after us and nourish us.

I then started to use my model to help others. I have a gift to ‘see’ people’s energy and so I found it easy to see where people were disconnected from their needs. And I found I could give recommendations to help people feel more health and vitality in the different areas of themselves. Subsequently I read a book called ‘Become the Dream’ by Randy Churchill and it was full of case studies where Randy helped people to unravel the stories of their dreams, identify unhealthy emotional /psychological reactions in their body and let go of these, enabling a shift and healing to take place in their whole selves. I was so inspired by this, I knew this was the missing piece for me. I believed I could do something similar – helping people to unfold stories relating to the issues that they hold in their body areas. I dared to give it a try and it worked. I trained as a hypnotherapist to give me backing for the intuitive story unfolding work that I now do. Hypnotic Journey Therapy was born.

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