How I Help You

Having an understanding of how connected I am or how disconnected in any moment (by seeing my own energy) and blending this with my understanding of how the light spectrum is affecting me, I have come to accept that we are not responsible for all the issues we may perceive ourselves to have. There is a bigger story at work. Our first challenge is knowing what it is possible to change and what we need to accept as out of our control. Our next challenge is learning how to work with the change and find our best and fullest way of connecting in every moment.

I Can Help You:-

  1. Know whether your issues are unresolved emotional / psychological trauma, spectral sensitivity or both.
  2. Find the root cause of trauma or health issues and ways to help yourself heal and move forwards.

I Can Also Help You: –

  1. Maximise your energy and motivation levels according to the light spectrum.
  2. Understand your changing moods and feeling states.
  3. Know when it is best to do physical activities and when best to contain your physical energy.
  4. Eat, dress and choose the right activities to match your changing perception of the light spectrum.
  5. Have the right space to live, breathe and work in.
  6. Know when best to go outside or stay inside.
  7. Gain a fresh understanding of any other sensitivities that you have.
  8. Find the right lens for you to see the world through, according to the change in the light. You will likely need more than one pair of glasses. I help you find your optic range so you can comfortably go through the year wearing the right pair of glasses in any moment.

My Approach

  • I understand that having extreme sensitivities can make it very difficult to find the right person to help. I hope I can be that person for you.
  • I understand that sensitive people often have a strong sense of knowing about what is right or not right for them when it comes to help. I honour your sensitivities as personal and precious to you.
  • I recognise that we interpret our own experience of the subtleties of life through our senses and help you to understand and work with your patterns (recurring seasonal experiences,) rather than change them.
  • I believe lasting change can happen when we find the answers together. From a place of safety and acceptance we find we can make new connections in our brain and experience transformation in our whole selves. This opens the doorway to healing.

How I Work

Awareness of our spectral sensitivity brings with it a lack of constancy. Your degree of lack of constancy will depend on the depth of your sensitivity. When sensitivity is high, things don’t stay the same from one day to the next – colour, pattern, sound, how you feel, how you move, how you think. They are all constantly changing. For this reason, we often can’t help ourselves using standard therapies and exercises. We need to go deeper and work with our relationship with ourselves, others and the world.

In a session I will hear your story and share mine. We will dig deep into the mystery of living by the light spectrum together.

I work from my home in Crewkerne, Somerset. It is in a peaceful location off a quiet side-road.  If you are driving, parking is secure on our drive. if you are using the bus it is approximately 500 yards from the bus stop.

I use a quiet, light, airy, comfortable room (no stairs). We have a pet free, smoke free home. Between sessions I wipe down all surfaces used with antibacterial wipes. Due to my sensitivities I am not able to wear a mask but you are welcome to wear one if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you have any special needs, please let me know and I will do my best to meet them.

I charge:-

£40 per hour session

I offer a FREE 20 minute initial chat on Skype, Zoom or Teams for you to ask any questions and to give us the chance to see if we are a good match.

Please fill in the form below if you are interested

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