How Can I Help You?

I am always happy to share my passions and like to teach.  Please note that I don’t work as a therapist. I teach the craft of healing and staying healthy, namely:-

How to Heal, Stay Well and Energised

How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person in the World

How to Connect with Your Passion & Find Your Voice to Speak Your Truth

How to Embrace the Special Wonder of Living with Light and Colour Sensitivity

I work informally and intuitively with no set idea of how and where our journey of working together might take us.

I ‘see’ people’s energy and often receive insights to help people to heal or move forwards in their life.  I sometimes am like a signpost just helping a person to find their way after they have got a bit lost.

Your first session is free to see whether we can happily work together. Any further sessions are £35.00 per hour for adults and £28.00 for children. If you would like to have a session for yourself and your child the cost will be £40.00

If you are interested and would like me to help you and/or your child please contact me:-

Phone: 01460 78285  E-mail: