How Healing Happens

We all have a basic set of needs and if these aren’t met we can suffer low self-esteem and poor health. To help you recognise these needs and assess your own state of well-being I have created. The 12 Body Areas and The 5 Significant Systems. Negative patterns can be held anywhere in your body, in your emotions, thought processes and in your sub-conscious. 

No-one really knows how healing happens but I have found that both children and adults heal best through relationship and creativity. Unhealthy patterns develop because our pain wasn’t heard. We build a guard to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Healing happens when we tell our story and someone hears us and meets us at our point of need. Playing with creativity allows us to let go of unhealthy patterns and adopt healthy ones. Through a sense of fun we can regrow our confidence, build our self esteem  and find the freedom we have lost. It is when we let go to relationship and creativity that we heal.