Hypnotherapy Sessions


new profile picAbout Me

A qualified hypnotherapist, teacher and childbirth educator, I live in Crewkerne, South Somerset with my husband and 9 year old son. My passion for healing began when I suffered with Chronic Fatigue. This was when I became fascinated by symptoms in the body and their emotional/psychological connections. Working as a hypnotherapist feels like a culmination of my love of working with people, creativity and seeing people experience lasting positive change.

How Can I Help You?

I use hypnotherapy to help you find the root cause of issues that are holding you back or causing you discomfort. Whilst lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair (you may or may not want to close your eyes) I help you discern where in your body you are holding negative memories, thoughts and feelings. I then use guided visualisation to help you connect with these and to heal. I may also use hypnosis in a creative individualised way to help you to open up more to your feelings and affirm and deepen the change in your sub-conscious.

How Will You Heal?

Healing can be a complex journey but is essentially simple. We adopt negative patterns when something distressing happens and no-one hears our pain. We heal when we connect with our pain, are heard and feel understood.

What Will You Feel?

During and after therapy you will notice positive change in your thinking, feelings and body as well as experiencing change in your sub-conscious.

Examples of Changes You Can Expect:

Improvement in Your Self-Esteem
Feeling your Feelings More
Finding Your Voice
Connecting with Your Passion
Sleeping Better
Digesting Better
Breathing Better
Feeling Able to Relax and Let Go
Feeling More Secure
Connecting with Your Creativity / Fertility
Enjoying Being Yourself More

Can You Help Me?

This way of working would particularly suit you if you feel that you have issues with trust or suffer from anxiety, depression or fatigue. Maybe you are struggling to find reason in your life. finding it difficult to move on from a trauma, trying to find your way through grief or feeling lost in your retirement. I can help you reconnect with the your true wonderful self – the person you may have lost along life’s way.

I can also help you:

Change a habit e.g. OCD, smoking

Become more disciplined e.g. improve your diet, excercise

Address a phobia e.g. fear of flying

Improve performance e.g. exams, music performance, public speaking

Feel more relaxed and empowered during pregnancy and childbirth

How many sessions will I need?

How far you wish to take you healing is your choice. I am flexible in my approach when it comes to number and frequency of sessions but will be happy to suggest how many sessions you might need to achieve the change you are looking for and the frequency that might work best for you. 

Training, Qualifications and Experience:

I trained with Hypnotic World and I obtained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (DHP Acc. Hyp). The course is accredited with:-

ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists)

Externally Quality  checked by The National Hypnotherapy Society, the only organization whose hypnotherapist register has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

I am a fully insured member of The Hypnotherapy Association and abide by their strict code of ethics. This includes regular supervision/mentoring.

I am also a qualified teacher having obtained a Bachelor of Education (BEd) with the University of Wales and a qualified childbirth educator having obtained a Diploma in Childbirth Education (DipCBed) with Childbirth International.

Further Details:

I work from my home in Crewkerne, Somerset. It is in a peaceful location off a quiet side-road.  If you are driving, parking is secure on our drive. if you are using the bus it is approximately 500 yards from the bus stop.

I use a quiet, light, airy, comfortable room. We have a pet free, smoke free, scent free home! If you have any particular special needs, please let me know and I will do my best to meet them.

Number and Duration of Sessions
This depends on your needs and the pace at which you feel it is right for you to approach your healing process. We will discuss this and reassess as appropriate.

Sessions by Phone If you are unable to travel or live too far away I offer a session by phone. I work in a body-centred and creative way as if we were face-to face. 

How Much are Sessions?

I usually charge £50 per hour for sessions (in person or by phone). Please contact me using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.