Aura Readings

What Do I See?

I see auras in layers. I see the deep connection we all have with God / Spirit  / The Source and deep or not so deep disconnection some of us have with ourselves and the world when we feel compromised in being true to ourselves.   I usually have a sense of what a person will need to feel a better connection with themselves and their purpose.

Please click on the link below  to see a short Video – explaining how I started to see people’s energy –

‘Becoming a Healer – How it All Started’

What Can I offer You?

  •  I work by seeing people in person or from photographs and I am happy to receive photos by e-mail. It helps me to the get the whole picture if I can see you as a whole. Please send pictures front and back wearing any colour except black or white. standing in front of a pale plain background – again not white.
  • If you would like insight about the effects of family dynamics I am able to discern more if you send me pictures of you or your child with other family members.
  • You will receive a  detailed reading and diagram of what I ‘see’ including any insights I have about how your relationships and other past experiences may have contributed to your patterns.  This insight can help you gain a better understanding of any issues you have, to heal and move forwards in your life. 
  • I also offer Healing  sessions in person and by phone to help you unfold your healing journey.

Please get in touch – or use the form below. 

Aura Reading (adult) – £50

Aura Reading (child) – £25