“I found our session powerful – it prompted me to make a much deeper and more fired-up committment to opening my heart. . . thank you for your warmth, insight and clarity and for being the right person at the right time. ” Lauren

“You’re a very special person with a very special gift which I’m sure will be used to bless many people. . . I have felt utterly exhausted since our session but also feel something has happened 🙂 I do feel different in small ways.” Becky

“I think the session was very helpful. I was really interested in your own way of ‘seeing’ energy which is indeed a gift.”

“What I found helpful was that you were able to pick up on things which I am able to acknowledge and become more aware of about myself, inother words self understanding. I liked the idea of acceptance of how one is: I have quite low energy and am not particularly grounded.”

“From a shiatsu point of view that seems to fit, as I am always beingencouraged to breath more deeply. A certain amount of training (breathing into hara etc) can help, but more fundamental as you said is the love that can flow from an openess of heart, love being at ‘the heart of healing’. “Rhona

“I enjoyed and, I feel sure, benefited from our time together yesterday.  I felt I had space in your living room and was able to be as I am.”

“it was a very beautiful time, tremendously rich”

“I’ve found that there’s been a re-harmonizing of my relationship with Karen over these past two weeks or so.  There was something I wasn’t communicating, because it involved me being vulnerable, and letting go of a particular defensive pattern, and trusting her.  I feel very happy with the way things are going now.”

“I think your simple and unassuming way of doing life-work is really very fine.” Keith