A qualified hypnotherapist and teacher, I live in Crewkerne, South Somerset with my husband and 10 year old son. My passion for healing began when I suffered with Chronic Fatigue. This was when I became fascinated by symptoms in the body and their emotional/psychological connections. Now fully recovered my passion is to help others learn healing/wellbeing as a craft, as they would a sport or musical instrument. It is not just about letting go of issues . . . it is so much more!

I work with both adults and children, specialising in working with Highly Sensitive People.

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Do you / your child seem weighed down by the weight of the world? Maybe you don’t know your own strength and so feel easily overpowered by others and the environment. I help adults and children to find a strong sense of who they are and where they fit in the world. 

I help you to:-

Improve your Self-Esteem
Feel your Feelings
Find your Voice
Connect with your Passion
Sleep Better
Digest Better
Breathe Better
Relax and Let Go
Feel More Secure
Connect with your Creativity
Understand your Natural Rhythm
Be Yourselves

What Can I Help With?

I help adults/children who are Highly Sensitive and/or struggle with :-

Separation Anxiety
Social Anxiety Disorder
School Phobia
Sound Sensitivity
Sensory Overload
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

About My Approach

Patterns in My Body

Clues to help us with our healing are hidden in our bodies. And our feelings are like signposts showing us the way.

I help you / your child to find where in your body you may hold anxiety, negative feelings or trauma. By helping you work intuitively through visualisation I then help you to acknowledge what your feelings are about and to let go of them. Feeling your feelings and being heard are the most important part of this process. As a result you / your child will feel patterns change in your body (eg you will notice feeling less tight in your chest or that you can breathe or digest more easily.) This will have a positive knock-on affect on your general sense of wellbeing, happiness and self esteem. 

What will I / my child need to do?

I will ask you / your child to sit in a comfortable chair where you will be well supported but you will not be lying down. I will talk briefly about how we can trust our intuition and then have a simple dialogue with you (working as I described above.) I don’t use any hypnotherapy tricks or music. Our answers to healing are just below the surface of our conscious mind. We don’t need to go ‘deep’ or, as some people say ‘under’ to find them.

Feeling My Feelings and Finding My Voice

Healing is like planting a garden. We usually need to pull up a few weeds but we mustn’t forget to plant the flowers!

I help people to express their true selves. This is not a music, movement or play session. I help you / your child to find your voice – what you want to say at that exact moment. I use recorded music, backing tracks and musical instruments but these are simply ways of supporting you on your journey of exploration. The inspiration will come from inside of you and be your own story.

When we find our voice to speak out who we are,  we feel better about ourselves and our lives. We find it easier to give ourselves what we need, to self regulate and to embrace all that is good around us.

For Very Sensitive Adults and Children

For very sensitive people I use a more gentle approach. I keep talking and instruction to a minimum. I understand that sound, movement and music can feel overpowering to the very sensitive.  If we don’t feel like moving, we might like making shapes. If we don’t feel like music we might like to listen to a rhythm or a pigeon cooing or a sound we make with our body. We work with our own story and our own energy. We learn how to embrace ourselves and the world in our special unique way.

I work from my home in Crewkerne, Somerset. It is in a peaceful location off a quiet side-road.  If you are driving, parking is secure on our drive. if you are using the bus it is approximately 500 yards from the bus stop.

I use a downstairs, quiet, light, airy, comfortable room. We have a pet free, smoke free, scent free home! If you have any particular special needs, please let me know and I will do my best to meet them.

About My Qualifications

I usually charge:

£50  per hour session for adults (in person or by phone)

£35 for 45 minutes for children/teenagers (in person or by phone) You’re welcome to stay with your child.

Please contact me using the form below if you are interested. I am a qualified teacher with full CRB check.