Video Snippet – The Loneliness of the Blue Light!

Living with Atypical Spectral Sensitivity – Sometimes in the summer I perceive more blue light and less red light. The blue light makes me feel single minded and resolute but also can make me feel a bit lonely and detached.

Video Snippet – The Buzz of the Violet Light!

The violet light of summer gives me such a buzz!

Intuitive Living Video Snippets – An Introduction

Don’t put yourself down because you don’t feel super centred and grounded. Maybe you were born for buoyancy instead! Understand your relationship with the light and discover who you really are.

Video Snippet – The Yellow Light of Vulnerability

Today I woke up worrying about random things!

Video Snippet – Not So Buoyant Today!

Not so buoyant today! It all depends on the light.

Video Snippet – I am Not So Smiley Every Day!

I’m not so smiley every day!

Video Snippet – I Don’t Have a Plan!

Living with Atypical Spectral Sensitivity – I get up every morning and I don’t have a plan!