Video Snippet – The Grounded Feeling of the Red Light

Seeing more blue light and less red light I am looking for the red light in the atmosphere to balance my spectrum. This happens more in late summer, autumn and winter than it does in the spring and mid-summer.

Video Snippet – Seeing Outside of the Visible Spectrum – Thinking Outside of the Box!

Some days the light feels very strange – like daggers coming out of the sky. On these days I also see hazes of yellow brown on things and wonder if I see ultraviolet light.

Video Snippet: Stormy Days – There is a Lot of Energy Out There!

On stormy days I feel intense and often agitated. I struggle to think clearly and in the end I just have to get on with something and the more intense it is the better!

Video Snippet – My Reaction to Green can be Extreme!

My perception of the light can make some colours seem too bright on some days. Here I share my experience of going to a park on a particular June day after it had rained.

Video Snippet – The Green Light of Digestion!

Perceiving more green light affects my digestion of who I am, my life, love , praise . . . anything that I need to process and digest.

Video Snippet – Sometimes the Colours Look Wrong to My Brain!

Every day the colours change as the light changes. Sometimes colours look ‘wrong’. Sometimes they look ‘right.’ This greatly impacts how I live my daily life.

Video Snippet – When the Violet Light Drops Does Your Mood Drop Too?

I am like a mountaineer enjoying immensely being on the mountain tops. This is what it feels like to perceive more violet light. I am full of buzz, excitement and ideas. When it drops, though, I have to find a more open hearted way to connect with my happiness.