What are Auras?

An aura is simply an atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and emanate from a person or place.

Do I Sense Auras?

Yes, I have a sense of how someone is connected in each area of themselves meaning that I am aware of a person’s auric field. I see and sense how much a person is connected with their: –

  • Intuition
  • Purpose
  • Analytical / Logical Thought
  • Voice
  • Feelings of emotional connection
  • Power / Big feelings
  • Nurturing
  • Vulnerability
  • Belonging
  • Groundedness
  • Rootedness

I see a person who is strong in their intuition and purpose as less present in their body than the person strong in their heart and their legs. I see this changing according to a person’s pattern and the seasons. I say that I feel more ethereal and see others as more ethereal when there is more blue light. I say that I feel more physically present and see others as more physically present when there is more red light.

The challenge of being more ethereal is that we feel less physically strong than other people. We have less physical resilience. I wanted to be a busy mum, working, looking after my family and socialising in the community. However I am more of an ethereal person, with a high capacity to process high frequencies and low capacity to process low ones. I have to choose a different lifestyle where I allow myself to use my intuition more and be less concerned about my practical contribution to the world. However I make sure I stay in touch with all areas of myself as best I can.

I believe that not honouring your pattern, especially if you tend to be more on the ethereal side, can be the cause of chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and other dis-ease.

Honouring your spectral pattern or living according to the pattern of your auric field is the way to freedom, happiness, good health and fulfilment. Please follow my diary to keep in touch with all my developments and give you ideas of how you can work with your own pattern and relationship with the light. If you would like help, please check out How I Help You.

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