My Calling

Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

My calling is to show the world that:- 

Highly Sensitive People are needed in the world. They bring softness and sweetness to heal harshness and bitterness. They bring connection to heal separation.

Highly Sensitive People can hide behind their sensitivity or block it. They hide when they believe the world will continuously overwhelm them. They block their sensitivity when they use aids and therapies to try to over-ride or medicate their sensitivity.

Highly Sensitive People are happiest and most effective in the world when they have allowed themselves to heal, find their authentic selves and embrace their vulnerability.

My Story

I have always liked music, art and dance and felt these needed to be part of my life. However sometimes I just haven’t felt that I could direct my energy into these passions in the way I wanted to. To try to practice an instrument, paint or dance would seem to make me feel uncomfortable, hot and stressed.

Then last year (2017) already knowing I was highly sensitive, I discovered that my greatest sensitivity is to light and colour. For part of the year in the brightest months I am struggling to think clearly, to make sense of pattern and am battling with various symptoms affecting my nervous system.  This is partly related to the brightness of the light but also to my perception of colour. As the day progresses from morning to night and the seasons develop and the weather changes so do the colours. And although this might not be a problem for some, for me it definitely is. I don’t like all the colours I see, just as I don’t like all the sounds I hear or all the textures I feel.  A colour can grate on me like a feeling of rough bark can disturb someone sensitive to touch. It can make me feel tight in my chest or hot or un-grounded just to name a few of the symptoms I experience.

So . . I had to rethink my life! I cleared a lot of my clothes and our home of all the colours that might disturb. I gave away a lot of my art materials. And then I paused for thought! Is this a sign telling me to focus on my music and movement, I wondered.  Tones – they are colourful. Rhythms – they have pattern – but is it a kind of colour and pattern that doesn’t disturb because it is more constant and doesn’t change with every fleeting cloud? Well, sometimes my experience of tones and rhythms are still affected by my perception of light and colour but there are times when I feel that I need to express myself through music and movement. It is my authentic expression in that moment – part of me that wants to be expressed into the world. 

My Revelation

Since discovering that my greatest sensitivity is to colour, I feel I have found the missing piece to the jigsaw of my life. I now understand the symptoms, feelings, changing states and moods that I can experience that previously I didn’t understand.  If I look after myself well (nourish myself with the colours I love and endeavour to avoid the ones that trouble me) and find the help I need, I can feel amazing. Other days I can struggle.  The important thing is that I know I can feel good and when I am not feeling good, I ‘get’ why.  This has boosted my confidence enormously. Now I feel happy to explain my sensitivities to people. They may ‘get it’ or they may not but either way I feel proud to be sensitive.

How Can I Help You?

As a Highly Sensitive Child Therapist and a Music Teacher,  my calling is to help people find their voice, connect with their passion and express their power to be themselves. I help highly sensitive children to manage the challenges and embrace their gift of being Highly Sensitive.

I hope you find my blog helpful and please feel free to contact me or write comments. I love to hear from you. 🙂






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