knee figure

Just in my 50’s I have wondered over the last couple of years whether I am going to get knee problems. My Mum had arthritis in both her knees and has 2 new knees.


My knee would just give in sometimes.

I would feel like I was about to pull a ligament sometimes.

I got pain above, in and to the side of my knees at different times.


  1. To go to the doctor or not?
  2. To think about what I know about knees, health and healing?

So What do I know about knees?

Well, you have to look at the whole person really and particularly the bottom half of someone’s body when it comes to knees. Your upper legs are about belonging, your lower legs are about moving forwards and your feet are about being rooted in yourself and your life. So if any of those aspects are missing or you have a disconnect it will the affect the energy in your legs. And the sacrum is about letting go and a lot of us tend to be holding on for dear life when we would feel better if we could just let go. When we hold on in our sacrum we prevent all our lovely energy travelling into the rest of our body and especially down our legs.

What have I noticed in myself?

Since becoming stronger in myself and my intentions in life my knee problem have almost gone. If it does flare up briefly there is always some reason and usually it means my position I take in life has been challenged in some way. And when I regain my sense of strength in who I am my knees improve again.

A lot of people as they get older have problems with their knees and hips and from how I perceive things, this is about their difficulty in believing in and supporting who they are.


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