birds learn to fly

Hmm, I have managed to come off my hover-board twice in the last 2 days!

Generally hover-boarding seems a nice gentle past-time but I wanted to step it up a bit – literally!

Day 1 – I made myself a ramp and came a cropper at the top of it when the board of the ramp swung round and caught the board. Feeling the momentum of the board as I climbed the slope I so wanted to get to the top and see if I could balance there!

Day 2 – I just climbed a small step from the grass to the patio (a step I had mastered several times before ) and fell flat on my bottom into the raised bed of herbs!

Day 1 – Response. When I fell I thought it was serious. I saw pictures of me in hospital and felt pretty scared. My husband was in the garden but just out of ear-shot so I had to call him 3 times. The reality was just a bit of grazing to my hand and my ego.  I needed a lot of comfort though, feeling like I was 3 and had just fallen off my tricyle.

Day 2 – Response. When I fell I felt a sense of deja vu – just the same pain in the just the same place as yesterday. I re-bruised my hand and this time broke the skin. My son was with me and he was very unsympathetic as he thinks I am a bit crazy and he doesn’t like the sight of blood. I just got up and washed my hand and carried on with life.

On Reflection

I felt strangely unpreturbed and almost a little bit proud of the fact that I had added to my injuries. I am usually risk averse so these injuries mean I had done something – I had been brave and although it didn’t go as planned I had demonstrated my courage.

Vulnerability is like that. Every time I am my authentic self I feel like I am climbing the ramp on my hoverboard. And I won’t stop. I need to push my boundaries and see if I can balance at the top.

Sometimes I fall off and feel a bit silly but I am learning to wear my wounds with pride.

Are you?

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