Irlen Syndrome – The Meaning of Colour!

warmth dandelion

Most days I see a predominance of one or two coloured lights in the atmosphere. This can be any colour from the spectrum and it is a bit like an aura or a mist that is very subtle and changes all the other colours that I see.

All these new colours which may not blend well can confuse my brain, give me lots of nervous system symptoms and make me feel ungrounded.

When I can still pick up enough red in colour I feel ok but if I can’t pick up enough red I feel insecure. 

Seeing colours looking strange so much makes it harder for me to embrace colour. For instance I get tired of seeing green as too bright, too pale, too blue so I try to avoid green. I become anxious around green. And I become like this with other colours too – for me also yellow and orange. These are colours that have less red in them and seem more likely to disturb.

What Can I Do?

I make a decision to take each colour I see on face value and not to pre-judge! I make a decision to embrace colour as much as I can.  I recognise that colour nurtures me and that I need all the colours of the spectrum. I wear Irlen glasses (with coloured tints) and theses specifically help me to to see enough red in colours on those ‘funny colour’ days!




About Jennie Williams

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am flying the flag for highly sensitive people. Don't let others put you down and certainly don't put yourself down for being highly sensitive. Rise up in your power, recognise you gifts and bring them to a world in need of more self aware people. Highly Sensitive People are the intimacy barometers in the world. They are the signposts to soulfulness.
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