Irlen Syndrome – I can See Light in the Brightness of Summer and the Darkness of Winter!


I have had a quite a bumpy ride trying to find the right glasses to help me with my sensitivity to light and colour.

I found some glasses to work in mid summer. They just stopped glare really and the bright light itself of mid summer seemed to make colours look good to me.

Later in the summer the sun seemed to drain the colours and make them too pale or sometimes colours would look too bright and seem to jump out at me. For a while I had no glasses to suit this time and then my rust glasses arrived. They have this wonderful way of making the world feel a little warmer but I still struggle with some colours.

Autumn came and my rust glasses kept working until mid September when I had a couple of weeks where no glasses seemed to work. Then as we moved into later September my rust glasses started working again.

And so October arrived and with that a new feeling that there is lot of colour in the world now the light is dimmer. I didn’t seem to need my rust glasses for colour now. I decided to try my light grey glasses again but they weren’t quite right so I tried my third and final pair (!) which are dark grey and they weren’t quite right! This is beginning to sound like the story of the 3 bears! Well, it is really because then I started to read about a boy who had an Irlen diagnostic and found that one eye was sensitive to light and one eye was sensitive to dark. The solution was different tints for each eye.

So I played with my pale grey glasses and my dark grey glasses to see if I could find my ‘just right’ and there it was. My right eye is looking for more light as we move through autumn to winter and for some reason if my right eye has a slightly lighter tint and my left has a slightly darker tint, my brain feels happy that the light is now correct! In the summer again it is my right eye that is struggling but this time with bright light so I am deducing from this that my right eye is sensitive to both light and dark.

There is a further complication. My ‘just right’ glasses only work when everything feels the most ‘wrong’. It feels as if my brain is confused as to whether it is light or dark. Of course this undecided dimness is more prevalent in the autumn and winter than the spring or summer. And the amazing thing is that it is only when I wear my ‘just right’ glasses to correct everything that feels ‘wrong’ that I have no problems with colour!  As soon as my eyes agree that it is indeed light or dark, I need to wear the same tint for both eyes – my rusts or pale greys.

And so you see, all these years I have been struggling to see light in the brightness of summer and the darkness of winter and now I can!




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Hi. Welcome to my blog. As a healer I help you open to your vulnerability. We need to be vulnerable to heal and to have satisfying relationships with ourselves and others. We need to be vulnerable to admit our needs. Meeting our needs and allowing others to meet them is what tanks us up and makes us feel better. We feel more satisfied and fulfilled and we feel able to give from a full heart rather than an empty one.
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