What is Connection to a Child?


happy thoughts

I learnt a big lesson from my 10 year old son today.

He is not seeing colour well so we bought him some enchroma glasses. He said the outdoor ones were too strong so we bought him some indoor ones.  He tried them out today and thankfully he said things looked better. I started asking him about colour and he said “Don’t ask me about colour. Colour doesn’t matter. It just matters that I feel better.”

I just thought this was an amazing thing to say. As someone with Irlen Syndrome, colour doesn’t always look great to me. I’m bothered and disappointed. But today I realised, like my son, that colour doesn’t matter. What matters is that I feel ok,

“So I can’t connect with colour today . . .then  I have to find my connection and my sense of security deeper down in myself.”

“So I can’t connect with pattern today and see the big picture clearly . . . then I have to feel my deeper rhythm and my deeper sense of purpose.”

Maybe this is why some of us struggle to connect in the ways that others easily connect – because we have to dig that little bit deeper!


About Jennie Williams

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am flying the flag for highly sensitive people. Don't let others put you down and certainly don't put yourself down for being highly sensitive. Rise up in your power, recognise you gifts and bring them to a world in need of more self aware people. Highly Sensitive People are the intimacy barometers in the world. They are the signposts to soulfulness.
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