Sensory Processing Disorder – Could Light/Colour Sensitivity be the Underlying Cause?

I guess many of you have you seen the Enchroma videos on You Tube where colour blind people experience seeing colour clearly for the first time – well, here is ours’!

Our son who is 10 now, has experienced all sorts of sensory issues but we had no idea he could be colour blind. He took a test on the internet and said he couldn’t see all the colours. I still dismissed it but we decided to take him for a test at the opticians. 2 days before we went I thought I would check how he saw colour. That was when our eyes were opened. He seems to see a dark and murky world full of blacks, browns and funny blue – like grey or black (which he dislikes intensely) and white. He speaks of things being dim and getting dimmer as the seasons progress from summer through to winter. We didn’t understand why he would dread the summer and  cry when he saw a heatwave on the weather forecast. He didn’t like to see the big blue sky. It turns out he also dislikes autumn as there are too many colours and he even struggles with Christmas.

It hurts inside as I write this but I think it should be ‘out there’. Our son didn’t show as having any standard colour blindness in the tests he took. He is extremely sensitive to light but we didn’t find any help down the Irlen Syndrome route. And so out of sheer desperation we tried some Enchroma glasses. And at last . . . see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Now we are well into Autumn in the UK the Enchroma outdoor glasses aren’t working. They only work in bright light so we are saving up for the Enchroma indoor ones.

I hope you enjoy our Enchroma video!




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