What is it Like to Be Highly Sensitive to Light and Colour?

  • Colours can appear to change with light over cause of day or seasonally confusing my brain
  • I feel that I can see predominantly blue, red or green light in the atmosphere some days. This is seasonal. Red makes me feel warm, Blue makes me feel cold and insecure, Green makes me feel like I have an allergy – itchy nose and snuffly.
  • I am not able to comfortably focus on green, orange, yellow or brown between April and Oct.
  • The grass looks and feels too bright for most of the year.
  • I struggle to make sense of pattern on and off between April and Oct.
  • I see colours as standing out, feeling too intense some days. This is seasonal – this could be blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, turquoise or pink.
  • I am disturbed by some colour combinations especially involving blue, green and yellow
  • I am uncomfortable sleeping in a dark room but contrast also disturbs me and my eyes take a while to adjust to light change.
  • I feel disturbed by some weather – especially stormy and overcast.
  • My other senses are affected by colour eg. Something will taste more sweet or have little taste in a different environment.




About jenniewilliamsonline

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am flying the flag for highly sensitive people. Don't let others put you down and certainly don't put yourself down for being highly sensitive. Rise up in your power, recognise you gifts and bring them to a world in need of more self aware people. Highly Sensitive People are the intimacy barometers in the world. They are the signposts to soulfulness.
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