Irlens Syndrome – I Can See the Warmth in the World!

warmth dandelion

When I had my first diagnostic for Irlens I chose a tint that would stop the glare but not change too much else.  I didn’t want to admit to myself that there was much wrong with my view of the world. And I didn’t want to take my glasses off and feel that things appeared worse than with them on.

However after struggling with my first tint for 3 weeks I realised there was something wrong.  I was still feeling tense and out of sorts. So I had another diagnostic and this time I decided to push the boat out and look for something new – something better. After going through most of the box as before and saying ‘not right’, ‘too strong’ to most of them, we chanced on a pair of rust coloured tints (still in the neutral section.) I put these to my eyes and remember saying to my diagnostican ‘Wow, what is in these things?’ and I said ‘Wow’ quite a few more times! I asked what colour the lenses were putting back and I was told they weren’t putting anything back, just balancing the colours. Whatever they were doing, I knew I had to have these lenses!

When my lenses arrived I still felt ‘Wow’. When I wear them I feel taller, more confident, happier, more grounded and that my diaphragm opens up. The really amazing thing is, though, that I feel cosier and warmer, having had a temperature problem for my whole life. I actually feel that things are a tiny bit closer together (almost imperceptible and yet I feel it). I also feel that I want to be closer to things like a table or a work surface in the kitchen. I feel as if my depth perception has changed but more than this, my new experience of colour is drawing me more into to the world when I used to be of a hands off person. I didn’t realise that the colour of the work surface was repelling me – not good when you want to cook and wash the dishes! I didn’t realise that the corner shop felt miles away because my feeling associated with colour changed my perception of distance. This explains why I have suffered with separation anxiety even as an adult.

So what is in my lenses? Obviously a colour I needed to help me see the warmth in the world!



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