Visual Processing Disorder – Could this be the Cause of High Sensitivity?

hiding from glare

Hi, I have been calling myself highly sensitive for several years but as from this summer,  no longer use this term to describe myself. I am discovering that at the bottom of a lot of problems, insecurities and symptoms I have struggled with over the years is a light processing disorder. I experience this really as an over-reaction to colour. Strangely I am not picking up enough red in colours and my son is picking up too much red in colours. This is causing our brains to go in a spin and it seems that our brains can’t organise or integrate our other senses.

I think it is already recognised that organisation and integration problems in our brains could be at the bottom of high sensitivity. I am thinking that for those of us with constant symptoms and problems, because light is all around us and we can’t turn it off (unless we go in a black box!) that visual processing problems could be the cause of our high sensitivity.

I would be really interested to hear other people’s thought on this.


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Hi. Welcome to my blog. As a creative relational hypnotherapist I help you open to your vulnerability. We need to be vulnerable to heal and to have satisfying relationships with ourselves and others. We need to be vulnerable to admit our needs. Meeting our needs and allowing others to meet them is what tanks us up and makes us feel better. We feel more satisfied and fulfilled and we feel able to give from a full heart rather than an empty one.
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