Irlens Syndrome – What Colour is Missing in Your Spectrum?


This is my Irlens Syndrome Journey update.

umbrelaI had my second diagnostic yesterday which is really just a check that we had found the right lens in the first session.  I still chose a particular grey but just a shade lighter than last time. It made sense to me because the time I tried the original lens it felt perfect in most ways but I sensed it might be giving me a slight headache. I confirmed this to be true yesterday and after testing again, arrived at the same colour – just a shade lighter.

The other colour in my lens is red and I find this interesting.  I tend to buy a lot of red and pink things – having reddish curtains, rugs, chairs, clothes and particularly shoes! For the last couple of years I would only wear red or pink shoes!

Now I know the reason behind my red obsession. I am not picking up red in the other colours. In certain lights the other colours look lack lustre or actually make me feel unwell. I can’t look at acid yellow or some greens. If a white banner flicks up on my computer I get a pain in abdomen. If I look at blue light I feel I have been kicked in the stomach. My symptoms are this extreme.

I find myself looking for red in everything. I have a purple overlay on my computer. I choose pink shades for my walls. Even my blues, greens and oranges need to have enough red in them to be comfortable to my eyes. I am a sort of red detector! I didn’t realise I was doing it but I am assessing every colour on the quantity of red that I perceive.

When I put my chosen Irlens lenses to my eyes my imbalance with red is corrected. Nothing is outstanding or jumps out at me. It is just that I feel more comfortable and have a feeling that all is right for me. I felt more calm and let out a little calm sigh.

It is difficult to know how my Irlens glasses will improve my experience of life because the diagnostic (trying so many lenses) is confusing to the brain.  I won’t know until I try them and I will keep you up to speed with up-dates for you to follow! Until next time  . . .


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