Colour Sensitivity and Separation / Social Anxiety


I have spent my whole life trying to understand my difficulties through the wrong lens! I made the mistake of thinking all my issues were emotional/psychological.

Now I know I have colour sensitivity I see things in a very different light!

I might not have/never have had separation and social anxiety after all.

When I have driven somewhere in glary or uncomfortable light or had to spend time under florescent lighting I have felt anxious, dizzy and shivery and have had a disassociated feeling.  I thought this meant I didn’t trust people or myself.  But now I realise that when I am with people in the right light and colours appear normal I feel my trusting, happy, confident and grounded self.

My relationship with colour has caused me to work at my relationship with myself and the world in a way that most people wouldn’t dream of needing to do! The only way to feel comfortable in the world has been to find a way to be comfortable with my vulnerability and find a deep level of self acceptance.

This has been my journey so far but now I have my blue blocking glasses to help me my sensitivity to the blue end of the spectrum, I feel better both in myself and in the world!






3 thoughts on “Colour Sensitivity and Separation / Social Anxiety

    1. Brandi – your comment made me laugh! Yes, I might just show up somewhere – not sure where yet! At the moment my life is on pause. Luca and I don’t know what we like wearing any more or how we want the colours in our home. We struggle so much with over stimulation that we feel we can do very little in the summer. We overheat very easily and get generally cranky. It will be so interesting seeing how the Irlens glasses can calm us down.

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