Irlens Syndrome and Colour Sensitivity


Me and my son are highly sensitive and highly creative. We love colour but in the summer everything changes. We look at our paints and they seem to repel us. We look in our wardrobe and it seems to disturb us. We look outside and even the colours of nature might all feel wrong. When we look at colour it doesn’t go blurry or anything but it seems to repel us.  We might feel overpowered or we might feel drained. We might feel jangled or we might feel depressed. Where is the happy medium? How can we feel happy and calm yet pleasantly stimulated and energised?

Why Do I Feel Like This?

What Colour am I?

Do I Show My True Colours?



About jenniewilliamsonline

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am a visionary and my vision is to see more people healthy, happy and fulfilled. My Insights: Relationship is bigger than the interaction. Creativity is bigger than the project. Journey is bigger than the plans of the day. Vulnerability is the new self-sufficiency. Feeling good enough is the new enlightenment. Attachment is the new detachment. Sensitivity is being alive - Soulfulness is our deep heart-felt response to being alive. Separation is the biggest cause of dis-ease. Healing is transformation. The Christian message is an invitation to a warm embrace with God.
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