Highly Sensitive People and Irlen Syndrome


About Irlen Syndrome

Irlen Syndrome is a specific type of perceptual problem that affects the way the brain processes visual information. It is not an optical problem.

For those with Irlen Syndrome, the brain is unable to process full spectral light. This results in:

It is exacerbated by environmental factors such as lighting, brightness, glare, high contrast, patterns and colours. Irlen Syndrome affects people of all ages.

My Irlens Test

I had my Irlens test today. I felt all the colours of the lenses as I was asked to put them up to my eyes. I felt whether they opened me out or shut me down. I felt the colours as a knot in my stomach or a flutter in my throat or a tingle in my feet sometimes. I then put up some lenses and suddenly felt happy. I said to the lady doing my diagnostic “I feel stronger  and taller and my diaphragm has suddenly opened up and I can breathe.” Everything was soft but clear. I seem to have a tracking problem and suddenly my eyes worked together so that I could see the whole image. Lines lined up and clear 3D seemed to jump out of nowhere. There was no glare. I could look at colours and patterns that used to repel me. When I walked the room didn’t move – just me. I cried because I never knew where my feeling of strength was hiding. I’ve always just had to be strong without the feeling of strength anywhere in my body. I suddenly felt grounded for the first time in my life.

If you have any of the symptoms or issues described at the top of this article you might want to check out Irlens Syndrome


About Jennie Williams

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am flying the flag for highly sensitive people. Don't let others put you down and certainly don't put yourself down for being highly sensitive. Rise up in your power, recognise you gifts and bring them to a world in need of more self aware people. Highly Sensitive People are the intimacy barometers in the world. They are the signposts to soulfulness.
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