a day at ferne animal santury with friends

A story by Luca Williams (nearly 9)

a few weeks ago  i went  to ferne animal santury with some new friends we have only met them 2 times one at sutton bingom there’s good turf there and we had 2 bike, 1 scooter and 1 go-cart but that’s a completely different story. there is ella, grace and ashley.  ashley is very energetic he runs. wen we wen’t to see the pigs ashley closed the gate and held it shut he thought we were going in with the pigs but we stayed on the path. then we saw the play ar497730-pigea i were scared of the climbing rope first but then i started climbing it on the first go i hit my knee on the climbing rope i was fine i tried to climb the rope and i did then we saw a wishing well and we each withed for something what a amazing day and overcame some fears.



About jenniewilliamsonline

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am a visionary and my vision is to see more people healthy, happy and fulfilled. My Insights: Relationship is bigger than the interaction. Creativity is bigger than the project. Journey is bigger than the plans of the day. Vulnerability is the new self-sufficiency. Feeling good enough is the new enlightenment. Attachment is the new detachment. Sensitivity is being alive - Soulfulness is our deep heart-felt response to being alive. Separation is the biggest cause of dis-ease. Healing is transformation. The Christian message is an invitation to a warm embrace with God.
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