Highly Sensitives -The Soulful People in the World!

IMG_7524As you will know if your follow my blog my son (just 8 now) is recovering from chronic fatigue. I have felt that if I could keep him happy with the right balance of activities I could get him well. I rather saw him like a leaky boat and thought if I could just keep plugging the holes up the water wouldn’t get in and cause him to start sinking again. But it hasn’t been as easy as that.

Luca is clearly not a leaky boat.He might be like a boat though but one who is going on a journey. The journey is so challenging and complex that he does spring a leak every now and then but then we don’t want to haul him into the boat yard to fix that. He may go further down hill if he’s out of the water. Just a quick repair job will do so he can get travelling again.

Highly Sensitive People are Soul People. Some of us know it and some of us don’t. 


About jenniewilliamsonline

Hi. Welcome to my blog. I am a visionary and my vision is to see more people healthy, happy and fulfilled. My Insights: Relationship is bigger than the interaction. Creativity is bigger than the project. Journey is bigger than the plans of the day. Vulnerability is the new self-sufficiency. Feeling good enough is the new enlightenment. Attachment is the new detachment. Sensitivity is being alive - Soulfulness is our deep heart-felt response to being alive. Separation is the biggest cause of dis-ease. Healing is transformation. The Christian message is an invitation to a warm embrace with God.
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