Thoughts on Chronic Fatigue by Luca (age 7) – A Wibbly Wobbly Pattern!

A Wibbly Wobbly Pattern

As I get better the pattern is very wibbly wobbly. When I was first not well I used to run out of energy really quickly and go straight down to a black. Now I seem to just go down to a red unless something really tires me out. It is hard to get from a red to an orange and I keep on going between red and orange sometimes for lots of days. Now I am getting even better I sometimes go to green and stay on orange for longer but this is tiring and I might go down again the next day. Then I need the day to do easy things again before I can do more exciting things. It is like trying to climb a ladder and you keep falling down the rungs. The higher you get the more rungs you might fall down. But you have to keep on climbing and having enough rests until you are strong enough to stay at the top. And then you might get tired like other people do but you are better. Here is a picture of me filling in my chart.

energy chart

This is an excerpt taken from ‘Why are Pebbles So Smooth?’  To read more please read ‘My Son’s Story Page‘ or see link in the side-bar.


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